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Are you thinking about chartering a yacht for the first time? Many people are unsure of how to plan for a charter, and how to behave once they step onto the yacht, but don’t worry! We’ve compiled another great list of tips to help you get the best experience possible out of your yacht charter!

1. Think clearly and carefuly about what you want before the charter.

– Not all yacht charters are the same, which is why people love them so much! Each charter is as customized as it can be to suit every customer’s needs, so it is very important that you be clear about yours. Communicate with the captain or yacht charter company your needs for your trip: food preferences, where you want to anchor, how long your trip is, etc. This is important for the company, the crew, and the captain to make your charter as special as possible!

2. Get to know your Captain!

– Fact: Your captain knows much more about the yacht than you do. Your Captain is a seasoned professional with immense knowledge about the area you are visiting and the spots you want to see. The Captain is a great resource for you to learn everything you can about the yachting life, and as he is the Boss on the ship, he’s a great guy to have on your side.

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3. Be respectful of everyone on board

– One of the best things about chartering a yacht is the fact that you don’t really need to do anything more when you get on board. This is because the crew is doing everything for you! The crew are a hardworking bunch, and they are doing everything they can to make your trip as enjoyable and safe as it can possibly be. Always be respectful and grateful to them for all their hard work!!

4. Try your hardest to Go With the Flow

– Yacht chartering is not an exact science, and sometimes things that are out of our control affect your itinerary. Weather conditions, beaches being too crowded, and food options changing are just a few of the things that can affect your journey. If the captain suggests something, listen to him because he knows what he’s talking about!

5. Obey all the Rules

– Every captain has rules aboard their yacht, and it is always in your best interest to follow these rules. Being on a yacht has a certain element of danger on it (being on the water and all), and these rules are in place to keep you and your guests safe. Even if the rules are as simple as “no shoes in the cabins” every rule is there for a reason and must be followed!

6. Your kids are your responsibility, not the crew’s

– If you bring your kids on board, just remember that it is not the job of the crew or the captain to look after them. Everyone has their role to play, and the crew is often extremely busy, so they cannot spend the entire cruise watching your kids!

7. Relax, relax, relax

– You’ve booked your charter, now its time to enjoy it!! Your Captain and crew are there to look out for your needs, your charter company has planned everything for you….all you need to do is have a great time!!

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About the Author: The Epicurean State is a bespoke lifestyle and yacht charter company that fulfills every epicurean dream of our clients.


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