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LinkedIn isnt the most amazing or interactive or even fun social network on the scene today but no one can deny what an amazing tool it is for businesses. If you successfully master it and make use of all its features, your business can benefit exponentially in the long run. The trick is to use all of LinkedIns little secrets and features so you can make full use of the popular social network. Here are some of LinkedIn features to be aware of.

1. Mentions

Mentions is LinkedIns latest feature which is as useful as they come. LinkedIns Mention feature is much like Facebook mention feature wherein members can now mention their companies and connections in their updates. You just have to type the name of the company or connection in a comment field or the status update box and proceed to select the name you want. That company or person will then be notified of the mention. While it might not sound like much of a big deal, its actually a pretty useful feature, as it allows you to start a conversation with someone easily. This new LinkedIn feature allows you to build a relationship with any of your connections.

2. LinkedIn Search

LinkedIn new Search algorithm now includes some extra features which are aimed at making the process more efficient. The search feature is really useful for professionals and their businesses. This new LinkedIn feature has taken search to a whole new level by allowing users to discover new companies and people to connect with that you can build relationships with and get more leads out. The new LinkedIn Search offers auto-complete suggestions for additional ideas when you are searching for someone, as well as suggested searches, which helps you discover more companies and connections. Say you enter a job title; you will also get example search queries related to that title of people, top results and jobs. The algorithm is also more intuitive in that it will better understand your needs over time and offer you more significant results. You can also save searches and get automated alerts for new stuff in that search.

3. Company Pages

As a business owner, you should seriously consider setting up a LinkedIn Company Page. As we stand today, there are around 2.8 million Company Pages with HP being the first to cross the 1 million followers mark. Company pages are a great LinkedIn feature that allows you to get more engagement, reach more people, and raise your brand awareness.

4. Get Introduced

This great LinkedIn feature lets you make the best new connections possible. Get Introduced allows you to search your connections connections by keyword. If you come across someone you would like to connect to, you just need to have the initial connection introduce you two. It is a great way to make strategic connections with which your business can go a long way.

5. LinkedIn Signal

The homepage of LinkedIn has been known to overwhelm quite a few business owners. It can be difficult to get to the information you actually care about. Thankfully now LinkedIn Signal has arrived. This is a great new feature which you can use to search through updates, conversations, etc. to instantly find the things that matter the most to you, without actually having to sift through piles of unnecessary updates and information. LinkedIn Signal does not limit you to searching just with keywords, but also allows you to use topics and locations as well as add up to ten filters. This new LinkedIn feature allows you to keep up to date with what your connections are doing in real time.

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Digital Asset Management Software- Important Guide About Asset Management by D KulkarniIf your major interest is information related to digital asset management software or any other such as helpdesk, inform ERP, barcode asset management software or help desk software reviews, this article can prove useful.Of the many advantages of using effective inventory asset management software, perhaps the most important is how it prevents over- or under-stocking. Inventory software churns out projections based on order history, so you can prepare for peak seasons and lessen stock during dips. This prevents a company from investing in assets that will reap no eventual rewards. Plan ahead for stock requirements and accurately gauge combined net stock requirements with a click of a button.End-to-end asset management can also provide you intelligent capacity planning reports on usage patterns. This allows you to adjust your optimal network capacity to your budget.Diligently managed assets of a business organization can make a lot of difference in its profit percentages. Judicious control over all tangible and intangible assets of a company makes sure that there are no leaking funds in the organization and all assets are utilized at maximum capacity. An inefficient management of resources and incorrect information about the objects in a commercial establishment may lead to drainage of finances and in turn adversely affect company’s performance.If this article still doesn’t answer your specific digital asset management software quest, then don’t forget that you can conduct more searches on any of the major search engines like Search Yahoo Dot Com to get specific digital asset management software information.Software is at the core of EAM systems. It can be tailored to your organization’s unique data requirements and business processes. It has the capacity to operate on multiple platforms and heterogeneous operating systems. It is easy to implement and spreads quickly across your network. It works without disrupting other existing activities.Asset management software is of a great use. There are quite a few benefits of implementing an asset management software solution. For instance, the asset management allows the automation of processes rather than manually creating paper trails that can be torn or lost, it also tracks your company’s software assets and licenses, provides management reports on companies assets, track company leases and hardware material, minimizes the expense, especially by reducing the total ownership cost and serves as a user interface for the people to track their assets. The asset management software also integrates with an incident and problem management, change and configuration management, service level management and other related Business Service Management processes straight out of the box.When we speak of property management as part of asset management, it includes property selection, implementation of policies and performance standards for that property, and monitoring of its performance in relation to the owner’s objectives.It was intriguing to find that many people, oblivious of their background, found this article related to digital asset management software and other asset management software review, video asset management, and even CRM free software helpful and information rich.So here is chance to get your free tips on southeastern asset management and in addition to that get basic information on saving money visit asset managementArticle Source:

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Why Choose Third Party QuickBooks Customer Support


Jason Bungay

There is a very simple question, which anyone can think that how do people measure the profit and loss of their business! The answer is by maintaining their bookkeeping throughout the year or by checking these inventories quarterly and then plan the business for future. Creating and managing these inventories could be a difficult task for a human so most of the companies use the accounting software for their business. Through accounting software they can easily put the inventories in the system safely and can access these in a single click, which could save their time and help in tracking the business plans.

In USA, QuickBooks accounting software is one of the popular accounting software, which people use for their small or medium sized business. The reason behind the QuickBooks software popularity is the advanced features of this software. One of the great benefits of this software is that anyone can use it. It is not necessary that the person should have knowledge of accounting or bookkeeping. The another benefit of using this software is that one can easily get the third party QuickBooks customer support phone number for any instant support, if in any case he/she is getting problem in QuickBooks software and the official support is not accessible.

What Problems User may face in QuickBooks Software –

Users can find different types of problem in using QuickBooks software. Someone face problem in setup & installation, making inventories, cloud hosting or data lose problems etc. Some of the problems related to QuickBooks are –

Setup and Installation Issue

System Compatibility Issue

Facing problem in using QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise version

Data Recovery Problem

Getting problem in generating invoice and printing

Finding issue in tracking sales and budget

QuickBooks Mac users are finding problem

You are finding these issues or any other issues. You just need to find out QuickBooks customer support phone number to get the instant solution. Trying to resolve by own can cause to data loss.

Why opt QuickBooks Technical Support –

There are many reasons to choose third party technical support team. Some of the points, you can read below –

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Team

24/7 Support Available

100% Customer Satisfaction to Users

Experienced and Reliable Customer Support

Instant Solution, during the first call

Assurance of Data Safety

Provide Remote access Support, in any case user is getting problem in following guided steps

QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number –

In USA, QuickBooks Customer Service Support Phone Number is a reliable and trustworthy QuickBooks customer service provider, who provides the solutions for QuickBooks issues and errors to the users, which they are facing. Our primary focus is to resolve your QuickBooks problems and saving your important business data. We provide the solution by guiding you step by step or by taking the remote access of your system to fix the QuickBooks errors.

QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor are just a call away, you need to dial the QuickBooks customer support phone number and tell the problems to the technical team and leave all your worries to them.

An experienced accountant, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, researcher, tech savvy and social activist, want to share my knowledge & tips on accounting. Get information on

QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number

, QuickBooks technical support phone number and 24/7 QuickBooks support.

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Enterprise Asset Management Related Resource


deepak kulkarni

As you search for Enterprise Asset Management related information or other information about cap value or asset management software with, take your time to view the below article. It will provide you with a really refreshing insight into the Enterprise Asset Management information that you need. After going through it you will also be better informed about information in some way related to Enterprise Asset Management, such as foreign bank account or even asset protection property.

IDC reported that downtime can be reduced by 10%, and person-hours on recovery can be reduced by 22% for businesses that practice good asset management. Good asset management can reduce an average help desk call by 25%. Getting staff back to work quickly and keeping them working efficiently is critical to the success of most organizations.

Realizing the importance of asset management in any companys performance has led to newer advanced strategies in this field of trade. Entire business management consists of a host of issues comprising of cost management, capital budgeting, expense accounting, financial planning and reporting and many other similar topics.

Asset Management Resource: Tracking and insuring the product is also a way of asset management. The product is an asset to the business and essential for its survival and for financial stability. So, maintaining and managing this product is of the up most importance.

Don’t forget to realize that this article can cover information related to Enterprise Asset Management but can still leave some stones unturned. Head on over to the search engines for more specific Enterprise Asset Management information.

In case of online asset management applications for manufacturing companies, trans-receivers are embedded in critical pieces of equipment, which communicate with the asset management application allowing maintenance personnel to track the functioning of the equipment in real time, taking preventive maintenance measures and quickly attending to breakdowns. Online asset management applications also help companies manage their inventory from any location by simply using a Web browser.

Asset management involves a number of processes, which are all designed to increase the productivity of companies or individuals. Asset management services include planning, procurement, accounting for daily operating costs through disposal; tracking physical location of these assets; and accounting tasks such as amortization and depreciation. Asset management also establishes contact with suppliers, which make it easier for companies to contact these suppliers for service, warranties and replacement.

Retirees who turned to asset management services usually employed asset management advisors or firm to manage their retirement plan for day-to-day management, living expenses, even health care, and may even include travel options as well. Availing asset management services would be a good option for retirees who sought to stretch their retirement fund without having to pool their finances with other investors the way that mutual funds do.

We were thrilled to know that many people found this article about Enterprise Asset Management and other digital asset management web, wastewater treatment plant, and even remedy help desk helpful and information rich.

So here is chance to get your free tips on

asset protection group

and in addition to that get basic information on saving money visit

eagle asset management

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Time For Getting Electric Boiler Cover For Your Water Heater



Winter is electric boiler only a few weeks away

Now that the summer is drawing to an end, and the winter jackets are being reluctantly pulled out of the back of the closets, it’s time to consider getting electric boiler cover for your water heater. Having electric boiler cover is an easy way to look after your boiler during the colder months while it looks after you. In October, the clocks go back as the nights become longer and the temperature drops. This is where if your electric boiler is not properly maintained it will become faulty and will need repairs. According to a survey by uSwitch just 36% of households who have suffered a heating breakdown sign up for boiler cover. Although in recent years it’s easy to understand why people may be unwilling to pay extra for boiler cover, it’s also very attractive to pay a low cost on a monthly basis rather than high and typically unexpected cost. Having controlled monthly payments is a great way to be prepared for any issues or faults over the colder season. Without cover you will have to pay for parts and may be left waiting in the cold.

What kind of cover are you getting?

As repairs are costly many people are seeking an alternative, typically in the form of either insurance or electric boiler cover. You may be thinking that your rainy-day fund has built up enough over the past few sunny months, that you are sure to keep your head above water if your electric boiler did break or leak. However, with the average repair cost increasing to over 300 it is worth taking out electric boiler cover to feel less of a pinch on your savings. Certain insurance packages and cover plans may be cheap but don’t be fooled by what you’re paying, pay close attention to what you’re paying for. Make sure you get cover that provides repairs, parts, labour and an annual service included. Be aware of plans that carry an excess or you might end up still part paying for an average repair. Many people tend to use their energy providers policy but many smaller firms can give you a better deal. Additionally, don’t end up paying double and be sure none of your other existing policies include electric boiler cover. An EasyFlow Maintenance Plan provides prompt repairs and ongoing maintenance at a low monthly cost that takes the hassle out of finding the best priced engineer and can save you time getting the hot water running again.

Local cover for Local homes

According to a survey by HomeAdvisor the cost of average repair cost is 40 greater than the price a Maintenance Plan from EasyFlow. Households with a maintenance plan in place will benefit from a priority service, a dedicated emergency line and prompt repairs to get your hot water flowing. Unfortunately, we here at EasyFlow only provide maintenance plans in the Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Leeds and surrounding areas. Yet hopefully in the future we will be able to provide our Maintenance Plans on a national level. Maintainance Plans are not available for tenants so speak to the property owner about getting electric boiler cover from EasyFlow.

At EasyFlow, we offer maintenance and repair services for all unvented hot water cylinder installation and electric boilers cover. We charge a call out fee to identify faults, and will then submit a full quote for the necessary repairs.

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