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Submitted by: Anthony Malibu

Wondering whether or not you should try to get back together with your ex girlfriend? After a break up, many people fight for a second chance in their relationship. It’s common to want to hold onto someone when you still love them, especially if you think the romance can work. But does your ex still love you? Knowing the answer can make a big difference in whether or not you get her back.

For every break up there’s a potential reconciliation. For anyone trying to win back an exgirlfriend, you should understand and believe that fixing your breakup is not only possible, but actually pretty likely. A startling number of couples give love a second chance after being apart for a while, and your own relationship should be no different. But if your ex was the one who broke things off, it’s your responsibility to get her to the point where she misses you and wants you back again.

Old Feelings Die Hard

An important thing to realize is that a woman’s feelings for you will always run strong. In order to break up with you she can’t just turn her feelings off like a faucet… it doesn’t work that way. So what a girl does is take whatever left over emotions she might have toward you after the break up and buries them inside herself. Sometimes she buries them deep, but other times she puts them just beneath the surface. You can tell when a girl still loves you because she’ll turn away quickly and be reluctant to talk to you immediately after the break up, often breaking into tears as a defense mechanism to get away from you. This is because she knows you’re trying to pull those feelings back out and show them to her.

If getting your ex back were simple, you could just dig up those feelings and use them to win her heart again. However, it’s a little more complicated than that. The ideal way of getting back an ex girlfriend is to allow her to rediscover those emotions herself. This isn’t to say you can’t help her by showing your ex where those feelings are buried. There are methods for uncovering the love that your ex still has for you, but you need to do it in a manner that’s slow and subtle. If you come off as too fast, desperate, or overbearing, your ex is going to take three steps back for each one you take forward.

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Learning How to Make Her Miss You

Causing your ex to face those emotions will make her miss you, and from there, think about you. Dating you again is the next logical step, as she begins to realize what life will be like without you in it. Many guys are afraid to make a move before asking themselves “Does my ex still love me?” They want definite signs that their exgirlfriend still has feelings for them before they proceed.

To know how good your chances are, you need to examine the way you’ve been treated by your ex girlfriend after the break up. Have you been in contact with your ex? Post-break up communication is usually an indication that one or both of you aren’t over the relationship. If your ex hasn’t called or written you after she ended things, it’s possible she’s trying to move on. The further she gets, the harder it will be to win her back. Although giving your ex some space after the break up – and a period of non-communication – can be instrumental in making her miss you again, there’s also a time when you need to initiate contact yourself. Knowing when and how to do that is crucial, before your ex takes too many steps away from your relationship.

Understanding The Rules of Ex Girlfriend Contact

Don’t be upset if your ex hasn’t called you yet. If her feelings are strong, breaking ties with you might require her to steer clear of you seeing or hearing from you for a while. Some girls do this for fear of relapsing into the relationship. The know their own feelings… and those feelings are so strong, they’re afraid that seeing or hearing from you will destroy their will to continue the break up. But other girls? They’re trying to put you out of their minds for a reason. Getting back into your ex’s head is a necessary part of winning your girlfriend back.

The good news is that if you’re still in touch with your ex, things are looking up. If she’s still emailing or texting you, or even calling to speak to you after she’s ended things, chances are she’s missing your company. Any girl still talking to her ex has still left the door to the relationship open… if only just a crack. There are methods you can use to gently tug on her feelings and emotions toward you, causing that door to slowly swing open. By touching on past memories you shared together and exhibiting behaviors consistent with the very beginning of your relationship, you can put your ex into an entirely different mindset. When you’ve created the type of environment where she’s receptive to the idea of dating you again, you can set up a casual meeting for lunch or coffee. This is a huge step toward getting back together with your girlfriend.

More Signs She Might Want You Back

An even better sign that your ex girlfriend still loves you is her calling just to say hello, without any provocation or message on your part. When that happens, your ex is sitting on the fence, trying to determine whether or not to get back together with you. Part of her wants to see you again, and the other part wants to continue being single. Which part do you get when she calls? It all depends on the timing. Lots of different factors affect your ex girlfriend’s mental state at all different times of the day or week. For example, when she’s lonely and sitting on her bed at night? That’s when she’s most likely to miss you. Choosing these moments of opportunity to make your move can greatly boost your chances of success, but timing isn’t everything… you also need to know what to say, and what to do that will make your ex want you back.

No matter what direction your reconciliation takes you, the best thing to do is

have a plan

. Trying to get your ex back without knowing exactly what you’re doing can destroy what’s left of your relationship and can actually push your girlfriend away. Learn the right and wrong ways to approach your ex, and once you do, execute your plan with confidence.

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Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend

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Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals 210-451 dumps


parenkaramoYou can now get Cisco 210-451 exam certification our CertTree have the full version of Cisco 210-451 exam. You do not need to look around for the latest Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals 210-451 dumps, because you have to find the best Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals 210-451 dumps. Rest assured that our Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals 210-451 dumps, you will be completely ready for the Cisco 210-451 certification exam.Share some CCNA Cloud 210-451 exam questions and answers below.Which statement defines Cloud Service Models?A. infrastructure as a service, software as a service, platform as a serviceB. internet as a service, software as a service, platform as a serviceC. infrastructure as a service, big data as a service, platform as a serviceD. infrastructure as a service, software as a service, grid as a serviceAnswer: AWhich description of the elasticity of a Cloud-based infrastructure is true?A. provides dynamic on-demand provisioning of services in near real timeB. enables sharing of resources and costs across a large pool of usersC. multisite architecture to reduce impact from outages in any one siteD. provides a security posture that is manageable from a single point of controlAnswer: AWhich best describes a SaaS Cloud model?A. infrastructure that presents the user with an operating system allowing programming language execution environment for testing database and web serversB. infrastructure that virtualizes server functions on a hypervisorC. infrastructure that provides elastic storage and computing resourcesD. a platform that provides access to application software or database resourcesAnswer: DWhich three options are considered Cloud deployment models? (Choose three.)A. Public CloudB. Hybrid CloudC. Open CloudD. Private CloudE. Stack CloudF. Distributed CloudAnswer: A,B,DWhich characteristic is an inoperative attribute of a private Cloud deployment?A. self service and on demandB. shared by many companiesC. highly scalableD. metered for reporting or billing purposesAnswer: BIaaS is an acronym for what type of Cloud?A. Instances as a ServiceB. Infrastructure as a ServiceC. Internet as a ServiceD. Images as a ServiceAnswer: BWhich Cloud service model is appropriate for a physical data center move to the Cloud?A. Infrastructure as a ServiceB. Platform as a ServiceC. Compute as a ServiceD. Software as a ServiceAnswer: AWhat are the five specific characteristics common to the Cloud environments?A. on-demand usage, ubiquitous access, multi-tenancy, measured usage, resiliencyB. on-demand usage, ubiquitous access, tiered-tenancy, measured usage, resiliencyC. on-demand usage, autonomous access, multi-tenancy, measured usage, resiliencyD. dynamic usage, ubiquitous access, multi-tenancy, measured usage, resiliencyAnswer: AWhich option is one essential characteristic of Cloud computing?A. It must use virtualization.B. It must provide load balancing services.C. It must provide on-demand self service.D. It must run on open source software.Answer: CWhich best describes a Cloud deployment model that relies on interoperability between Cloud providers?A. Hybrid CloudB. Multi-CloudC. InterCloudD. Community CloudAnswer: CCertTree is the only way that suits you to pass the exam, choose it equal to create a better future.CertTree training product for Cisco certification 210-451 exam includes simulation test and the current examination. On Internet you can also see a few websites to provide you the relevant training, but after compare them with us, you will find that CertTree Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals 210-451 dumps not only have more pertinence for the exam and higher quality, but also more comprehensive content.CertTree provide a good after-sales service for all customers. If you choose to purchase CertTree Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals 210-451 dumps, CertTree will provide you with online service for 24 hours a day and one year free update service, which timely inform you the latest exam information to let you have a fully preparation. We can let you spend a small amount of time and money and pass the IT certification exam at the same time. Selecting the products of CertTree to help you pass your first time Cisco certification 210-451 exam is very cost-effective.

Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals 210-451 dumps from CertTree are the best way for your preparation, it can help you pass your exam easily.

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Submitted by: Tony Seruga, Yolanda Seruga And Yolanda Bishop

Depreciation is a way of deducting the purchase cost of a major capital asset, like the land and buildings of your commercial real estate, from your taxes over a fixed period of time, usually five years. This prevents some interesting accounting bobbles that would otherwise happen for example, if you could deduct the entirety of a building’s purchase in the year of acquisition, you’d be underreporting the revenue generated by the property on the year of acquisition, and over reporting its income over the remainder of the time you held it. (This would also create an incredible incentive for owners to churn properties over.)

In an ideal world, businesses with major capital assets would do an annual assessment of what percentage of the asset had depreciated in value and deduct that from their taxes. In practice, this is nearly impossible to do in a cost effective manner, particularly for commercial real estate ventures. As a result, there are several ways to calculate depreciation, ranging from the very simple (straight line depreciation) to the complex (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System). We’ll cover each in turn.

Straight Line Depreciation takes an end term for depreciation (five years is typical), and divides the purchase cost by that number of years. Thus, if you spent $250,000 on a property, you’d be able to deduct $50,000 of that purchase price each year from your taxes for the next five years.

Straight Line Depreciation is a useful (and simple) approximation, but it’s not always the optimum case. Accelerated Cost Recovery is a more complex form of depreciation allowed by the IRS, with numerous advantages. Most accelerated depreciation techniques use one of two methods of calculating depreciation; the aim is to front load more of the depreciation into the first year of ownership than into the latter years. This is an excellent tool if the item is exposed to the weather (as buildings are), or has routine rough use (as construction equipment gets). The two methods are Double Declining Balance (DDB) or Sum Of Years Digits (SOYD).

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Double Declining Balance applies double the straight line depreciation percentage as a deduction to the remaining balance for each year of ownership. Thus, for a five year depreciation cycle, the first year would have (20*2) * 100% = 40%. Year two would have (20*2) * (100%-40%), or 24 %. Year three would depreciate at (20*2)*(100%-40%-24%) or 14.4%, year four would have 8.64% and year five, the last year of deduction, would have 5.18% deductios.

Sum Of Years Digits is a Ramanujan function, and uses the series of 1+2+3+4+5+(N+1) and so on., where the numbers in the sequence are the number of years allowed in the depreciation schedule. Thus, for a 4 year deduction schedule, it would get 1+2+3+4=10, and for a 5 year structure, 1+2+3+4+5=15, and for 6, 1+2+3+4+5+6=21. This is treated as the denominator (bottom half) of a fraction, where the numerator (top half) is a decrementing amount that starts with the number of years on the depreciation schedule, minus one per year. Thus, the first year of a 5 year schedule has 5/15=33% depreciation, the second year has (5-1)/15 = 26.67% depreciation, the third year has (5-2)/15=20% depreciation, with year four getting 13.33% and the final year getting 6.67%.

Both of these formats for calculating depreciation give you an extensive boost in your initial year’s depreciation, and slowly taper off towards lower depreciation values towards the end of the term. However, to use accelerated depreciation of property values, you need to have an engineering study performed on the property that segregates the costs into four categories: Personal property, land improvements, building components and the actual land itself. These four categorizations allow separate depreciation schedules to be tracked. The typical schedules for the categorizations are:

Personal property is depreciated using a five or ten year recovery period, and the double declining balance methodology. Within reasonable bounds, there is a huge benefit to valuing the personal property as high as possible. This category mostly covers furniture, carpeting, fixtures and window treatments.

Land improvements typically have a useful life of fifteen to twenty years. They can use a declining balance method, but use a schedule of 150%, rather than 200% for determining the rate. This, like the first category, gives a benefit for declaring the value as high as possible. Typical examples of this sort of depreciated items include external decks and sidewalks, concrete pilings and docks.

The building itself should be broken down into individual components (roof, cellar, structural members, siding, interior walls, wiring) and depreciated individually by component. As always, maximizing the value on the initial purchase provides the most significant benefits. One side effect of component level itemization here is that any component that becomes worthless can be written off immediately, for a large cash flow influx.

Anything not accounted for in the first three categories is accrued as the value of the land. Land valued in this fashion may have a very low or insignificant value.

When cost segregation is begun, it’s best to decide to do it at the time of purchase. Your accounting service will advise that you get an engineering report to annotate the depreciation schedules.

About the Author: Tony Seruga, Yolanda Seruga and Yolanda Bishop of

specialize in commercial and investment real estate. As of May, 2006, they and their partners are managing over $600 million dollars worth of new projects.


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Buy Panama Real Estate With a Self Directed IRA


Roberto Bell

Introduction – Did you know that a self directed IRA can buy your dream Panama Real Estate? This article while not tax or legal advice will get you pointed in the right direction in terms of using your Self Directed IRA to buy Panama land, condos, homes, or even commercial property.

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IRA Custodian Resistance – Most of the custodians will not approve the purchase of foreign real estate. They prefer to sell you investments they offer instead. There is actually no prohibition in the IRS code against investing in foreign real estate. So do not let the custodian deceive you into thinking it cannot be done, they just do not want to do it.Custodian Problems – One of their problems is the valuation of the house. They do not know how to do this. Did you get a large kickback from the acquisition of the property thus affecting a deceitful and unlawful early withdrawal without penalty? What about a real estate commission you received. You are also not supposed to live in the home acquired through a self?directed IRA. How will the custodian enforce this? What if you live in the home on vacations only? What if you rent the home out and do not tell anyone? What if you use the home to trade homes with using a service that will let you swap homes with others in other countries for six months or a year at a time? The custodian cannot detect all these games one could incorrectly play so they prefer not to get involved and it is always better to earn a commission on something they sell you.Custodian Control – One needs to make sure the custodian lets you invest in investments of your choosing, not theirs. You want to be able to write the checks for investments.IRA as an LLC – This seems to solve a lot of the problems with the custodians. An LLC is structured utilizing the Self -Directed IRA as the owner of said LLC. The monies would then be put into the LLC, which would in turn purchase the real estate investment(s) foreign or domestic.Mortgages, IRA’s, LLC’s, Foreign Real Estate – Yes you can have a mortgage on the property. The debt?recorded instrument has to be a non?recourse promissory note.Profits – These are to be credited back to the IRA.Taxes – The IRA has to have enough money to pay for the taxes, property maintenance and upkeep such as condo association fees.

Smythe Bradley is an expat living in The Republic of Panama. He has published many articles on

offshore banking

in panama,

panama visas and residency

, as well as many other

expat issues


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Submitted by: Dustinqi Patel

Psychic Readings For The Elderly

IF you are in the mid 60s and considering your life the past memories,present and future just lika a youngster do but when only thing when you look in to your future the important thing that come to your ming will be your death or may be any adventure you would like to do. What ever you have in your mind’s eye a psychic reading could have help you and give a peace in your life.

Whether you fear it or look forward to it, death is the real question mark hanging over us all. But it is’s not just death that concerns the aged ; it’s hard growing old. If you’re fortunate enough not to have finance Problems ( as most pensioners do ), then you may just be lonely or perhaps in need of a romance.

Why the elderly need psychic readings

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Psychic readings can bring lucidity to any of the questions that old folk face. As well as a great afternoon spent chatting and possibly reminiscing about life, you leave a psychic reading with a feeling of hope. Many old psychic reading clients report a new sense of purpose and replenished vigour after psychic readings. Whatever the messages that come from the psychic during a psychic reading, it’s an engaging appointment and a welcome change from daily routines that will become so set in the golden years.

For individuals that believe in reincarnation, psychic readings are a must . To leave this life with a feeling of having accomplished your jobs in this life is irreplaceable! Past life psychic readings are also a fascinating peek into the person you are , and perhaps even what’s coming next. It’s no wonder folk find psychic readings comforting. A psychic reading can really alter how you feel about life! And there’s no harm in trying psychic readings, as long as you keep a healthy dose of skepticism that is.

Beware of psychic reading scams Nothing is more sickening than scams that deliberately set out to target the aged. There are too many adverts advertising’amazing psychic readings for seniors’ for them all to be true. After all , psychic capabilities are a rare gift. The ability to connect with the elderly and address issues in their golden years is something unique. Not just anyone can perform a food psychic reading! this is why you have to be careful when picking a psychic to perform your psychic reading. Seniors are far more exposed than most and underhand psychics will happily milk this and reap the profits. Mystic readings can easily be faked! For a real psychic reading you need to consult a seasoned psychic, preferably one who comes recommended by friends or family.

Give a psychic reading as a present A psychic reading makes a superb present for an elderly person in your life. Mystics are excellent companions and provide a safe, nurturing presence that’s well appreciated by the elderly. if you’re searching for a way to show the aged person in your life that you care, give them a psychic reading. Psychic readings are also a smart idea for events and celebrations. Why not hire a psychic for a sixtieth party or golden wedding anniversary? Whether or not it’s a significant psychic consultation, or an afternoon of snorts, psychic readings are always appreciated.

Why You Need To Give Psychic Readings As Gift For The Elderly

About the Author: TO learn more about psychic reading and to gift psychic reading to elderly visit


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