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Avail Excellent Hotel Rooms in Goa for Luxurious Stay


Anish Yadav

Goa, the smallest state in the Indian sub-continent is a perfect destination for beach lovers, religiously inclined and people who love water sports. Offering perfect mix of sun, sand and sea, this state offers something or the other for every person who visits it. It does not matter whether you are visiting the state for leisure or work purposes; the hotel rooms in Goa provide most comfortable accommodation to suit the varied needs of the travelers. Divided into budget, deluxe, 3 star, 4 star and 5 star taverns, these hotels are the perfect stay options for all. Opt for a budget hotel if you wish to stay at pocket friendly rates.

A traveler s paradise, Goa is known for its history, beaches, heritage, shopping places and places of worship. Travelers who arrive here for vacation love to spend their time along the picturesque beaches that are one of their kinds in the world. This state is dotted with numerous pilgrimage destinations related to different religions ranging from temples, churches and mosques. This symbolizes the harmony between different religions as it was even in the past. Among the numerous mosques in Goa, the Safa Masjid needs a special mention due to its unique history, architecture and festivals. Despite that, there are numerous attractive sightseeing locations, gothic churches, thrilling cities and striking lakes that lure the vacationers throughout the year.

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Besides state-of-the-art amenities, the

hotel rooms in Goa

are well furnished and decorated with fine furnishings. 24 hour room service along with television with satellite channels, refrigerator, electronic safe and attached bathroom with essential toiletries are some of the facilities that are available at your disposal when you book a room in one of the best hotels in Goa. For people who travel to Goa for their business related pursuits, these taverns provide excellent banqueting and conferencing facilities. Conduct your annual meetings, conferences, product launches and more in the serene and luxurious settings of these hotels. Various multi-cuisine restaurants that are available within the premises of these hotels provide the most delectable cuisines from all across the globe including the tempting sea food that is so Goan and accompanied by local drink fenny.

Take a dip in the exotic swimming pool or avail a rejuvenating spa session in these hotels. Dance till the wee hours of the morning on foot stomping music played by the DJs in the nightclubs or pubs of Goa. If you are one of the religious types, contact the travel desk available at your premises for a guided city tour and pay your reminiscences at the temples, churches or

mosques in Goa

. Take a trip to Goa and avail hotels for a warm and luxurious stay in the city.

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hotel rooms in Goa

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Goa Excursions


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Submitted by: The Epicurean State

Are you thinking about chartering a yacht for the first time? Many people are unsure of how to plan for a charter, and how to behave once they step onto the yacht, but don’t worry! We’ve compiled another great list of tips to help you get the best experience possible out of your yacht charter!

1. Think clearly and carefuly about what you want before the charter.

– Not all yacht charters are the same, which is why people love them so much! Each charter is as customized as it can be to suit every customer’s needs, so it is very important that you be clear about yours. Communicate with the captain or yacht charter company your needs for your trip: food preferences, where you want to anchor, how long your trip is, etc. This is important for the company, the crew, and the captain to make your charter as special as possible!

2. Get to know your Captain!

– Fact: Your captain knows much more about the yacht than you do. Your Captain is a seasoned professional with immense knowledge about the area you are visiting and the spots you want to see. The Captain is a great resource for you to learn everything you can about the yachting life, and as he is the Boss on the ship, he’s a great guy to have on your side.

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3. Be respectful of everyone on board

– One of the best things about chartering a yacht is the fact that you don’t really need to do anything more when you get on board. This is because the crew is doing everything for you! The crew are a hardworking bunch, and they are doing everything they can to make your trip as enjoyable and safe as it can possibly be. Always be respectful and grateful to them for all their hard work!!

4. Try your hardest to Go With the Flow

– Yacht chartering is not an exact science, and sometimes things that are out of our control affect your itinerary. Weather conditions, beaches being too crowded, and food options changing are just a few of the things that can affect your journey. If the captain suggests something, listen to him because he knows what he’s talking about!

5. Obey all the Rules

– Every captain has rules aboard their yacht, and it is always in your best interest to follow these rules. Being on a yacht has a certain element of danger on it (being on the water and all), and these rules are in place to keep you and your guests safe. Even if the rules are as simple as “no shoes in the cabins” every rule is there for a reason and must be followed!

6. Your kids are your responsibility, not the crew’s

– If you bring your kids on board, just remember that it is not the job of the crew or the captain to look after them. Everyone has their role to play, and the crew is often extremely busy, so they cannot spend the entire cruise watching your kids!

7. Relax, relax, relax

– You’ve booked your charter, now its time to enjoy it!! Your Captain and crew are there to look out for your needs, your charter company has planned everything for you….all you need to do is have a great time!!

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About the Author: The Epicurean State is a bespoke lifestyle and yacht charter company that fulfills every epicurean dream of our clients.


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Running and a gift of a lifetime


Duane Faitel

As an avid runner I made certain to make space in my crowded backpack for a pair of running shoes as I prepared for my mission trip to Kenya. Over the years as Ive traveled to foreign cities, a favorite method to explore the neighborhoods is to lace up and take a jog. During a two week mission trip I knew the itinerary took our team to different cities in Kenya.

Jet lag, nausea and early morning itineraries prevented me from taking my customary morning jogs. Finally towards the end of my two week trip I felt energized and excited to run. Kenya is a wonderful country yet very strange and different from the manicured suburbs I have grow accustomed.

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Because the sun rises at exactly six am everyday along the equator, I didnt need to look at my watch as the faint light turned to beautiful golden hues as I laced up my shoes for a jog. The air was cool and fresh.

As I made my exit from the hotel gate I greeted the locals walking along the road. Hujambo! (Hello).

I warmed up heading down a long hill. Along the way many women and school children stared at the Mzungu (white person) and a few even giggled. I made a turn about 3K out and started back up the long hill towards the hotel. A few small children watched me approach them and started running with me. Their interest quickly died and we all enjoyed a big laugh. A few hundred yards down the road another boy started running with me. He looked determined to keep up with me so I motioned for him to join me. He quickly fell in pace at my side. We trudged up the hill, he with his school uniform, a plastic bag with a few small books and quite noticeably, bare feet. We smiled at each other. I had made a determined effort to learn some Kiswahili during my 2 week stay and now here was a golden opportunity to put it to use. Jina langu ni DJ. (My name is DJ) I offered. Jina lako ni Nani? (What is your name?) Wesly, he answered. Arubaini na moja. (41, Im 41) Wewe? (you? How old are you?) Kumi na nne. (14). Merikani (Im American).

As we continued along I thought about my new running buddy. Like most school children near Kakamega they can barely afford the clothes on their back. I wonder if he really likes running? As we ran along I had an overwhelming urge to give this boy something. I wanted to bless him. As we neared the top of the hill where I needed to turn back to the hotel I slowed to a walk then sat on the edge of the pavement. I then motioned for him to sit next to me. As I started unlacing my shoes and removed them from my feet he looked at me quizzically. I pulled off my socks and handed them to Wesley and said Zawadi, Lako zawadi. (Gift, your gift) He understood and followed my lead by pulling on the socks and shoes and tying them. Even though the shoes were at least 2 or 3 sized too big he looked excited, yet still a bit mystified.

As we stood up and I bid him farewell then started to hobble down the dirt road toward the hotel, I wondered to myself if I inspired a runner and maybe someday Ill hear about a world class Kenyan runner named Wesly winning marathons and breaking world records. If that never happens, thats ok because today it sure felt great to bless a boy with something his family will most likely never be able to afford, a simple, used pair of running shoes.

Duane Faitel is a Natural Health Advocate with a passion for fitness, health and wellness. He loves God’s playground and spends many hours in the foothills and on the peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern CA.Learn more about building a successful online business at

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Running and a gift of a lifetime}

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What is Affiliate Marketing And How Can I Earn a Living at It?


KarriL Hull

If you’ve found this article because you searched the words “what is affiliate marketing” you are probably just beginning your search for a means to earn an income online. So let me congratulate you on your decision to take control of your own future. Tens of thousands of people now work from home from their computer, and many of them are affiliates who are making very good money.

So, what IS affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a form of Internet marketing in which a company has set up an automated way for people to sign up as online salespeople (affiliates) for the said company’s website or product. The affiliate gets a website, which contains his or her unique tracking identification code. The affiliate promotes the website that contains their code, and all traffic/sales generated by the affiliate to their coded site, are tracked by the company. The affiliate is paid a set amount for each viewing, or for each sale, that comes through their code’s site.In today’s tough economy, when so many people are being laid off and so few people are hiring, more and more people are wondering what is affiliate marketing and attempting it as a source of revenue for their family. And for those who take the proper training to learn the industry workings properly, who get support and advice when needed, and are willing to take the time necessary to build their business, affiliate marketing is a goldmine. There are literally tens of thousands of companies online who are looking for affiliates to promote their products, and online sales continue to grow. Affiliate marketing allows people to run their own online business from home, without having inventory, with very little to no overheard, without having to performing direct sales, and without needing to track contacts or do follow-ups. Affiliate marketing is an opportunity to get creative and have tons of fun while making tons of money.What is affiliate marketing? It is an income opportunity that is definitely worth investigating further. It is not a get-rich overnight scheme, but it can certainly be the answer to all your prayers and dreams.Get over $1000 in FREE business eBooks and software at

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What is Affiliate Marketing And How Can I Earn a Living at It?

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No Hotel Reservations For Beijing Olympics?


Quinten Stephansen I feel that it is an equally very good bet that people that considered that they had reservations are going to discover that they do not for 1 cause or a different. A different true great bet is that the costs are going to be going greater than the pole vault for the last minute reservations, so what to do?

The north side of Beijing is going to be totally booked this is where the good majority of the sporting occasions are going to take area and it is where the Olympic village is situated. There are universities in this region where they are confident to be putting men and women up. When scouting that location of Beijing last year, there had been not numerous hotel rooms up in that region. 1 great hotel that we discovered was the Oriental Bay hotel which is a Beijing 4 star. I would put plenty of cash that this hotel will be entirely booked. The official Beijing Olympics hotel the Raffles – Beijing Hotel are also going to be fully booked this is about one thousand rooms for the 1 facility and it is not cheap at anytime being actually 2 world class 5 star hotels mixed with every little thing from bowling alleys to Jade carvings that get up entire walls to xylophone like music in the atrium, that soars to the heavens.

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So wherever does one particular seem to find good low-cost hotels for the Olympics at the final minute. One particular of the great issues about Beijing and the Olympics here is the subway technique which will get you into most areas of the city. Beijing is setup in expanding squares with the Olympics mainly taking spot in northern quadrants between the 3rd and 5th rings. The two areas wherever I would appear would be south of the Forbidden city and the location close to the Beijing Train Station. Then I would commence hunting on the lengthy line that runs east and west and look additional outdoors of the city with the very best bet heading in the direction of the airport.

Residence stays and the world wide web are going to be offered and when the Chinese figure out how significantly they can make for their destinations they are going to be doubling up and visiting relatives to cost-free up area. These spaces not getting regular guesthouses will be tougher to locate. One particular of the exciting issues about China is that they enjoy the world wide web and have huge laptop rooms where they go and socialize. I am sure that there will be chartrooms that you will be capable to discover that will network you to the obtainable rooms &amp accommodations.

Verify the neighborhood push taxi guys they are incredibly familiar with their minor places and will be fantastic sources of data for you that is outside of the standard channels and with negotiation you can bet that these will be the cheapest accommodations readily available in Beijing.

Staying an adventurer myself I would try this, have a note produced in Chinese that says that you are hunting for a room in a relatives home and then stroll close to in the Hutongs near the Forbidden City. If you are lucky and uncover one you will get a real appear at Beijing where most other folks will only see the shiny patina.

On occasion, shatan hotel beijing could be approached in different angles. To collect information about this, you have got to take this first step for the process to start. You could obtain this information, but you’ll have to actually do something about it to see results. Being persistent will lend itself to allowing the results to appear right away. All you have to do now is put this information into action. It is something you’re able to do, very rapidly in fact, when you pay a visit to

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Submitted by: Julie Rainier

Many consider the Grand Canyon to be the most spectacular of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, so it s not surprising that it attracts millions of visitors every year. Impressively, those visitors come from all over the planet. Many are also visiting Las Vegas, and the majority of those travelers arrive at the Grand Canyon by taking one of the many bus tours that leave from the city.

Luxury motor coach tours out of Las Vegas transport visitors to the Grand Canyon s West Rim or South Rim, but they also offer several affordable side trips. For example, a West Rim Grand Canyon bus tour can be enhanced by adding a rafting trip down the Colorado River, a helicopter flight to the canyon floor, or a visit to the fabulous Grand Canyon Skywalk. For a South Rim Grand Canyon bus trip, you can add a helicopter flight to the North Rim and back, across Dragoon Corridor.

Grand Canyon bus trips make getting there half the fun of visiting the canyon. Your motor coach to the Grand Canyon will take you along the sparkling shores of Lake Mead. You ll then descend into Black Canyon and take the new Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge to cross over the mighty Colorado River. On the drive back to Las Vegas, just about every canyon bus tour makes a stop at the Arizona side of the bridge. Tour operators know their passengers will want to photograph Hoover Dam.

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Your tour bus will pass through a series of deep mountain valleys before it descends into the Mojave Desert. West Rim tours take a dirt road through a forest of ancient Joshua Trees. South Rim tours carry on to Kingman, Arizona. From there, they head west to Grand Canyon National Park. Most of the road parallels fabled Route 66.

The Native American Hualapai tribe owns Grand Canyon West, where you ll leave your bus and start exploring the rim. Eagle Point and Guano Point are two of the best-known canyon lookout points, but you ll also want to see the Indian Cultural Center and Hualapai Ranch. If you re interested in experiencing the Skywalk, I urge you to add that package to your Grand Canyon bus tour when you book – it will be cheaper that way.

That s also true for the helicopter flight you can add to a South Rim bus tour. You ll pay more for it at the canyon than you would if you book it ahead. This chopper trip is well worth every penny, though. It leaves from Grand Canyon National Park Airport and takes you to the North Rim and back by flying over the canyon s deepest section. The aerial views of Dragoon Corridor, the Colorado River and Grand Canyon Village are absolutely magnificent!

The sleek, luxurious motor coaches used for Grand Canyon bus trips offer on-board restrooms, personal air conditioning units, DVD players, plasma TVs, window shades and dining trays. Your driver will be completely familiar with the canyon and the passing landscape, and you ll be treated to an IMAX-type movie about Grand Canyon history.

There s a Grand Canyon bus trip for everyone, no matter what type you prefer. Several different packages are available. A basic tour will take you to the main gates, but add-ons include helicopter flights, rafting trips and Skywalk tickets. Bus tours also include complementary hotel shuttle service and free lunch. These tours sell out quickly, so don t delay. Make your online booking arrangements now to ensure that your group gets the best seats!

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Grand Canyon tour

? Go here for more about bus tours and how to get them inexpensively:


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