July 20, 2024
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Invisalign Treatment In Farnborough To Take Care Of Your Teeth

Invisalign Treatment in Farnborough to Take Care of Your Teeth



An invisalign Farnborough dentist can decide whether you really require invisalign; these are invisible aligners that are removable. They are a viable solution for straightening crooked teeth. The customized aligners appear like clear gum shields.

Benefits of Invisalign

Some years ago when metal braces were used for straightening teeth it was not recommended for adults as the period of treatment was long. Now, your invisalign Farnborough dentist can fix the invisible braces for adults too who can attain a beautiful smile without difficulty. Invisalign has numerous advantages compared to the traditional metal braces. Although more expensive than the conventional ones, the new invisible braces are worth the price. If you don t want others to know that you are wearing braces, invisalign is the ideal choice. Brushing and flossing can be done easily as the braces are removable. Teeth whitening can also be performed with these braces. Painful cuts, muscle soreness and other discomforts related with metal braces are not seen with invisalign. Tooth decay and gum disease generally do not occur when using invisible braces. Cross bites can be corrected proficiently with these devices. You can eat comfortably all types of food and even remove it when attending a function.


The Working of Invisalign

Your invisalign Fleet orthodontist is the one who can determine whether you require braces. The appliance is customized for every patient because it has to fit exactly. It has to be worn by the patient for a minimum of 20 hours every day. The brace slowly shifts your teeth making a systematic adjustment in the teeth position. After a fortnight, new aligners are fitted and you have to visit your orthodontist for regular check-ups. Your progress is gauged and normally the treatment is completed after using 20 to 30 aligners. Invisalign can be used to treat crowded teeth, gaps between your teeth, cross bite and overbite and protruding of upper teeth over lower set of teeth. However, it does not work when the patient has multiple dental issues or severe malfunctions of teeth. It is also not advisable for little children too.

Preparing for an Invisalign Treatment

Dentists generally prepare the patient for the invisalign Fleet treatment. Your invisalign Farnborough will explain the procedure to the patient after a screening. Once it has been decided, an accurate impression of the patient s teeth is taken. The impression is sent to the company where it is converted into 3D model using computer technology. With the computerized model, your Fleet orthodontist will prescribe the essential movements that are programmed exactly into the invisalign aligners. After the patient s consent, the device is fabricated by the company and sent to the Fleet clinic. The patient is given only one set of aligners at every visit. Nowadays, there are numerous patients who opt for the treatment since cosmetic dental treatments are more affordable and advanced. Additionally, people don t mind spending money to look good and have the ideal smile.

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