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Sunday, February 25th, 2018 | Author:

Submitted by: Kelvin Sherman

There are various treatments available in order to improve your teeth outlook. One of the most common and widely used is, teeth whitening. A cosmetic dentist specializes in this area of dentistry. This treatment like all other treatments, offer some benefits and at the same time has some disadvantages as well. This article will bring to your knowledge, how this process works and some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Before you undergo cosmetic laser teeth whitening treatment, it is essential to have a detailed conversation with the cosmetic dentist you chose, to do your treatment with. The process is simple. First, a gel is applied all over the patient s teeth. After carefully applying the gel, a laser is shot or inserted at an individual s teeth. The process is not very painful, and provides immediate results which are quite evident after the first sitting. The treatment might or might not be expensive, depending on the cosmetic dentist you select. In other words, the cost of this treatment varies from dentist to dentist and also on the number of sittings. If your teeth treatment requires more visits, the cost will be high. On the other hand, if not much work needs to be done on your teeth and requires only one or two sittings, then the cost will be low comparatively. As discussed earlier, this treatment has both advantages and disadvantages.

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Starting with the advantages, cosmetic laser teeth whitening gives you the confidence of smiling. An individual s smile can make a huge difference and can help enhance a person s overall personality. It results in the improvement of self image and provides you with various health advantages. Individuals having yellow teeth are hesitant to smile and easily lose self confidence. For such individuals, visiting a cosmetic dentist for cosmetic laser whitening teeth treatment is the best solution. If you have a good smile, people will ignore other features like wrinkles caused due to aging. People usually have a misconception that attractive personality can only be maintained by staying physically fit. This however, is not the case. Imagine yourself with broken or decayed teeth. Can you ever look good with it? The answer is No . Therefore, it s high time that every individual realizes the importance of teeth care.

Along with some advantages, cosmetic laser teeth whitening, also brings along few disadvantages. After the completion of the procedure, the patient might have to deal with sore or painful gums, and teeth which cause difficulty in the intake of solid food. Cosmetic dentist advice patients to consume only liquids for a few days after the treatment are over. This complexity is not for long-term, and you can get rid of it very easily. In a few cases, cosmetic laser teeth whitening treatment does not work. This happens in severe teeth discoloration. Depending on the condition of your teeth, you might have to go for other options like, veneers and crowns. Few individuals might face difficulty while wearing the tray given to them, to be used at home. It takes time to get used to it, but if it remains for long, the tray might give you a problem. If you experience such a situation, then you should visit your cosmetic dentist, and get it adjusted or replaced.

If you have enough cash in hand, putting it into cosmetic dentistry is a sensible decision. Enhancing your personality is essential, and should not be considered a waste of time and money. Therefore, if you are facing teeth problems, visit a trusted and reliable cosmetic dentist right away. There are various cost friendly approaches available for you to choose from.

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Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 | Author:

byAlma Abell

Finding a dentist that is close to you that your whole family loves is not an easy feat. You want to make sure that you see the best local dentist who cares about you and your family’s health and well-being. Finding the right dentist for your family takes more research than just choosing the first practice that appears in your search result. If you want to find the best family dentist in Bloomingdale, then you should follow these guidelines.

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Search for Local Dentists

If you are searching for a dentist because you are relocating, you should ask your current dentist for recommendations. If your present dentist is not familiar with dentists where you are moving you should ask others, such as family and friends who live near where you are moving for their suggestions. If you have already found a local family doctor, you should ask him/her for their recommendations for local dentists. Conducting an online search for dentists that are in your new area is always a great option. The internet should provide you not only with local dentists but also with their entire website. When you have narrowed down your list, you should visit several dental offices to get an exact idea of their location in proximity to your home or job. Location is just part of your search for finding the best dentist.

Determine if the Dentist is a Good Match

While the location is crucial, there are other essential factors to consider when finding the best dental practice for you and your family. You need to find an office that makes your whole family feel comfortable and in the best care. Remember, you and your family are going to visit your dentist at least twice a year, so you want to make sure that it is the perfect fit. From the moment you research to the second you enter their doors you should know if the office feels right for you and your entire family.

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Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 | Author:

Submitted by: Dr Ahnsup Kim

Chin implant also medically known as a mentoplasty is a procedure that is done to improve the profile of the chin. It may not be the most often requested surgical procedure but what most people fail to realize is that it is also just as important as the nose in creating an attractive profile. This led some individual to grow beards to conceal their weak or sagging chins or cleverly disguise it with scarves or turtlenecks.

A chin implant is done by either injecting dermal fillers or inserting implants to the area. This results to a more defined chin and jaw line. The result may not be as dramatic but the subtleness is enough to create that enhanced profile.

For those who find their face to be a little too rounded, a chin implant can help create better angles. As mentioned earlier it can result to a more distinct jaw line and facial contours. The procedure can fashion the chin in a shape that will be proportionate to the rest of the face.

Adding to this, it can be said that beauty is also defined by angles. When the chin is augmented or sculpted to make it more appropriate to the face, it can result to a more attractive profile with a triangular appearance. For those who may have had weak chins, this can make the lower half of the face longer and structured.

A chin implant procedure can also enhance the appearance of other nearby facial features. One that is also prominently located on the face is the nose. Both these physical features balance and/or enhance one or the other. When the two are fashioned properly they result to a balance that creates harmony or what is cosmetically called as a facial duet. A prominent nose with a weak chin can make the nose appear larger and disproportionate.

Another procedure that would also create best results when done together with chin augmentation is a neck lift or a chin liposuction. This area is particularly vulnerable to the effects of aging or obesity resulting to a les defined lower face, which we oftentimes refer to as a double chin.

Only a surgeon who has the discerning eye for detail can fashion the chin and its nearby structures (submentum and jawline) in a way that can make the patient appear slimmer. In addition to this, only a highly competent cosmetic surgeon would be able to structure the chin in a way that would complement the nose.

The good thing about a chin augmentation procedure is that it is relatively easy and it can be reversed since the implants can be removed and rearranged. Scarring is also not a problem because the small incision will be strategically placed on the area underneath the chin. The healing time is also much faster, and the price is not that expensive.

So if you want to have that facial balance, especially when you are also contemplating on having a rhinoplasty done, a chin implant would enhance the results further. But you just have to make sure that you start it off by finding a reputable surgeon if you want impressive results.

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