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Submitted by: SD Surfboards

It was the time of the month wherein a new era of great surfing event is about to take over the face of extreme sports this year. Its the Round 2 of the great Moche Rip Curl Pro that was held back at the land of Portugal. As an update for the event, it was Santa Cruz native and professional surfer Nat Young who got eliminated during the Round 2 of the event by the American surfer Brett Simpson at the score of 13.87 up to 13.43 last Sunday in 6 to 10 foot waves at Supertubos. It was a close call between the two great surfers during the Round 2 session.

For all the audience who witnessed the event, it was one of the many upsets on the 10th of 11 stops during the 2014 Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Championship Tour season. Even though Nat Young got eliminated at Round 2, he still manages to wow the crowd with his amazing skills and techniques when it comes to surfing. On the other hand, Brett Simpson ranked number 32 on the World Championship Tour while Nat Young sits at the number 13 spot. It is still a good record for Young this season.

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Now here comes the eleven-time World Championship Tour champion Kelly Slater, a Florida native professional surfer, who ranked the number 2 spot on the event. He was ousted by none other than Spains finest Aritz Aranburu during Round 3 at 12.00 to 6.30 wave score. In addition, the 2014 WCT points leader Gabriel Medina, ranked number 4 Joel Parkinson, number 6 placer Taj Burrow, number 12 Owen Wright and number 15 placer Miguel Pupo were the surfers who got ousted also during the Round 3 of the Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal.

Nat Young is the 2013 World Championship Tour Rookie of the Year and Rip Curl pro Portugal finalist last season, has had a tough go of things in his past four WCT events. One of his tough times includes his failed attempt to get further than Round3 in all of the events since reaching the finals of the Fiji Pro in mid-June. But, aside from the failure he had encountered, he still manages to get up and strike again for another surfing battle. And in connection with the WCT surfing events, the final World Championship event of the season, which is the Billabong Pipe Masters to be held at the beautiful island of Hawaii, is planned to run from December 8 up to the 20th of the month this 2014.

Have you witnessed the surfing event last Sunday? You can share your comments and special pictures of the event with us below. For all the participants and the lucky winners of the Round 2 Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal, congratulations and good luck for the final surfing battle this week. We hope everyone will watch the event as the season is about to end and hopefully, you will all attend the next surfing event this month of December. It will be a surprising surfing event for everyone and lots of amazing prizes will be given away to the lucky winners.

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What Do You Ship In Shipping Containers?


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Bullmans Shipping Containers

Let us introduce shipping containers first. Shipping containers are standard sized boxes in which you ship merchandise. These are not small boxes for packing a pair of shoes. Standard shipping containers typically come in 8 feet by 8.5 (or 9.5) feet cross-sections, 20 or 40 or 45 feet long. So they compare best with log cabins than shoeboxes. (In fact, a popular use for empty shipping containers is to convert them into houses.)

Shipping containers transformed the logistics scenario and led to a huge expansion in world trade. You pack your merchandise into shipping containers at the factory, load it into a standard container truck that goes to the nearest railroad station or sea port where the containers are transferred by specialized container handling equipment into a railcar or ocean going ship.The railcar then travels thousands of miles to a distant city or the nearest seaport. The custom built container ships are designed to accept containers on their open deck, and accommodate a large number of shipping containers without wasting storage space. (Containers stored thus can occasionally tumble down into the sea during a storm while the ship is at sea.)Merchandise Shipped in ContainersYou pack your merchandise packages, say, cartons with shoe boxes inside, into these containers. The merchandise packages are designed to occupy the space inside the shipping containers without wasting any space. You seal the container door securely.The container typically travels unopened till it reaches its destination. It might get transferred to trucks, railcars, ships or even aircraft during this travel. At the destination seaport or airport, it gets transferred again into railcars or trucks for transport to the destination city.So what do you transport in containers? Almost everything is the short answer. Most consumer goods are transported in containers from manufacturing factories to the distributor warehouses. Heavy machinery is transported in containers up to the customer site. There are custom built containers to accommodate different kinds of merchandise. A look at these customizations will give some idea of the variety of merchandise that travel in containers. * DRY VAN containers are designed to accommodate such items cartons, jute bags, bales, pallets and drums * REEFER containers are temperature controlled in the range of minus 25 degrees centigrade to plus 25 degrees centigrade * OPEN TOP special bulk containers are for bulk materials and heavy machinery * OPEN SIDE containers can accommodate large sized pallets * VENTILATED containers carry organic produce that need to be ventilated during transit * TANK containers carry bulk liquids * ROLLING FLOOR containers allow difficult-to-handle cargo to be rolled in and out * HANGAR BEAM FITTED containers accommodate garments on hangars without further packingShipping Container LegalitiesContainers need Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) certification (authorized by International Maritime Organization) to prove their “continued safe handling and transportability in the commercial intermodal transport environment”. The inspections need to be carried out periodically.Merchandise in export trade also needs customs inspection and certification before shipment.

Sam Bullman writes for Bullmans

Shipping Containers

based in Barking Essex

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Submitted by: Sean Goudeloc

When it comes to demolition or even reconstruction, there are several pieces that need to get looked at on a bigger scale. The idea of knocking down walls and throwing around a wrecking ball might seem simple, and for some it might be tempting to take on the task without hiring a professional, but that s a bad idea overall. The reason why you want to make sure that you get a pro is because any number of things could go wrong, and if they do, you re stuck with the bill. Aside from that, certain elements to the trade require an expert knowledge of what to do and how to do it properly. For instance, let s assume you were looking for swimming pool removal in St. Pete, FL, you would find a great variety of companies that could help you, and that in itself could seem daunting or painstaking. If that is the case, you might want to do things on your own, and then midway through the project, realize that you don t have the capacity to finish he job. Consider 3 elements below that you might not have as reason to hire the pros to help you out.

The first issue you will have is with the initial ground breaking inside a pool. Most often people assume a sledgehammer will do the track, as it can be a powerful tool in demolishing things in the home, but that s not the case when considering swimming pool removal. Unfortunately, you re going to need something that is far heavier than a sledgehammer to break through the hard interior of a pool. You will need to either purchase or rent the heavy duty equipment that can break through solid materials, and that could be quite pricey. Not only that, you might not know how to run the equipment and end up giving up before you could even break ground.

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Another issue you might come across is whether or not there are gas lines, water lines or even septic lines near some of the pool s areas. This won t be discovered until you break on through and realize you re knee deep in debris. This can be thwarted by calling a professional that has experience with removing pools with proper technique and heavy equipment, which is something that is hard to emulate, so don t go the DIY route here.

If that wasn t enough to have you considering calling in a professional company to help, consider the process of hauling and throwing away all the pieces that will be left over when you break apart the swimming pool. Even if you had a good truck, you ll find that this piece of the puzzle is far harder than expected.

The above 3 things that you need to consider are just some of the main points worth mentioning when dealing with the idea of swimming pool demolition and removal. There s a reason why millions of people leave it up to those that do that sort of thing for a living. If you re not experienced at demolition or construction work in general, it s best to step aside and leave it to a pro.

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swimming pool removal St. Pete, FL

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How to Become a Heavy Equipment Operator


Kris Koonar

Heavy equipment(HE) include machinery such as bulldozers, cranes, excavators, forklifts, etc., that are used for heavy-duty work. As these machines are of a large size and strength, the people who operate them must be well trained and highly skilled. The people who handle these equipments are called heavy equipment operators.

Heavy equipment operators operate, maintain, repair, and adjust the different types of expensive and heavy equipment usually used in construction. Generally, these operators specialize in equipments such as bulldozers, backhoes, graders, cranes, etc. It is a necessary requirement for HE operators to learn to control various types of gear, including pedals, levers, switches, hydraulic controls, turn dials, and various other devices present in this category.

A heavy equipment operator job includes the handling of mining equipment, excavation equipment, and material handling equipment, or road construction equipment to excavate, grade and landscape the earth, or to transport workers, materials and equipment. A career as a HE operator is not dull. It is a highly marketable trade, and a decent living can be made in this career.

Like in any other career, it requires a certain level of education and training provided in special schools.

A commercial driver license is a must for a HE operator. Usually, a high school diploma, or its equivalent, is also a requirement. Some amount of experience in truck driving, and familiarity with small construction machinery is also a necessity. Along with that, they also should have knowledge of the hazards, safety rules, and the required precautions for traffic laws. HE operators should also be able to work with a variety of people, be flexible in terms of additional training and responsibility, and be able to judge distances.

In America, some states require additional licenses for different pieces of equipment. For instance, a certified landfill operator license is required by Wisconsin, which has to be obtained within 6 months of being hired.

Most of the state community colleges and vocational schools offer certificates or degrees for heavy equipment operators. The training that is provided in these certification courses makes operators more competitive. Apprenticeships, which include training for periods of up to 3 years, which involve handling many more types of machines, also open up good job opportunities for operators.

The heavy equipment industry offers loads of job opportunities. They are:

a) Operators of crane-works

b) Heavy Construction Equipment Supervisors/Operators

c) Logging Machine Operators

d) Mining and Quarrying Supervisors

e) Public Works Maintenance Equipment Operators

f) Material Handlers

g) Backhoe Operators

h) Bulldozer Operators

i) Excavator Operators

j) Grader Operators

The certification in heavy equipment operation is awarded by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). The 2005 Occupational Outlook Handbook states that the demand for construction equipment operators is expected to remain high right through to the year 2014. The handbook also specifies that candidates should gain practical experience, in addition to enrolling in training programs. It also reveals that the average salary of construction equipment operators is $17.00 per hour, but that highly skilled and experienced operators can earn over $29.34 per hour.

Finally, the people who opt for a career as HE operators and small earth moving contractors should have a sense of satisfaction. They are not only in a well-paid job with an excellent future, but they also are involved in supporting the country to solve the energy, environmental, and water problems.

Become a

Heavy Equipment Operator

, with

National Training

. Check out our Heavy Equipment Graduates for real testimonials from regular people. Check out our website at


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Buying A Shelf Company For Sale: The Easiest Way To Go About Company Formation


Alex Bauer

The idea behind the company can be made overnight. But its establishment takes years. Company formation requires a lot of things infrastructure, human resource, a defined mode of procedure, an extensive marketing campaign and a stable market; not to mention a lot of procedures. As such, it will ask for a substantial amount of time capital. Of course, if we were to be realistic about the aspiration of building a business, most of us would be giving up on the notion right away on the count of its impracticality and complications. But with the resources we have now, such as the availability of outsourced personnel and a shelf company for sale, there is a bigger chance anyone can pursue the dream of being an entrepreneur in spite of not having gone through the usual process.

A shelf company is a business entity that was pre-made specifically to incur years of existence. It does not involve itself in any activity and is just set aside as a stand-by in case a currently functioning enterprise wants to change its identity and take on a new name. Getting a shelf company for sale or making one on their own while they still have the momentum makes it easier for them to shift gears when necessary. And as insinuated earlier, it could also be used by new entrepreneurs who want to be associated with a brand that is aged.

YouTube Preview Image

Now, convenience is not the only advantage a shelf corporation provides. Entrepreneurs could also secure opportunities for closing bids using a shelf company name. After all, there are a number of jurisdictions that demand the business they associate with should be experienced. On top of that, a company with a long list of credentials attached to its name, in spite of being internally new, would be able to win over consumers and investors trust. People often want to associate themselves with product and service providers that have had a long tenure with their exact industry. The same goes for banks and lending companies. The best loan policies and payment terms usually go to those that have substantial amount of documentation regarding their stability.

This brings us to a discussion over the acceptability of such a commodity when it comes to company formation. Some people argue that it is wrong to use the records of a pre-made company for your own benefit because they are not essentially earned. And it might also be taken advantage of and used as a ploy to cover up a business that has a bad history or illegal operations. However, sellers assert that majority of the time; all transactions pertaining to aged corporations are completely legitimate. Most, if not all run a background check on their buyers. Besides, it s not like they are cheap or abundant enough for any two-bit crook to have access to. And they are overrun by a set of regulatory laws. Typically, they are just taken into consideration by entrepreneur who want complete control over the many basic components involved in coming up with a business.

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Buying A Shelf Company For Sale: The Easiest Way To Go About Company Formation