September 29, 2023
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What You Need To Know About Poultry Hatcheries

By IPRWire Staff Writer

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, that is an old joke and a tough question, one that even owners of poultry hatcheries probably could not answer. But if you are intrigued by chickens, and you are looking to earn a living from them, then you are going to need to know every thing you can about chickens and their eggs. The good news is that we have developed the Complete Chickens and Hatchery Resource Guide that can answer most if not all of your questions about poultry hatcheries.

In this guide, you will find a lot of important information on how to maximize your egg production, how to produce clean, hatchable eggs, the prevention of poultry disease, and much, much more. For example, did you know that nest litter should be changed at least once a week in order to prevent dirty and contaminated eggs? Were you also aware that dark nesting conditions will cause your chickens to brood and stop laying eggs? Were you aware that eggs that are going to be incubated should be clean, fresh nest eggs? If you have already own a breeder flock, you probably do.


But if you are new to the business, or if just aren’t happy with the number of eggs and chicks that your hens are producing, than you definitely want to read this guide. We can tell you how to set up your chicken house and hatcheries in order to obtain the maximum yield from your chickens. We can also help you to avoid problems like eggs that have dried out from lack of enough humidity, embryos that did not receive their nutrients in a uniform manner, or chicks that have stuck to the inner membrane. These are all conditions that can happen if the eggs are not turned properly or often enough. You will also learn how to regulate the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the eggs to prevent the newly forming chicks from suffocating.

Every page contains important information about poultry disease and how to help keep your chickens from contracting it, what to do if there is an infestation, as well as all of the important sterility issues critical for maximum egg production and happy chickens. You will learn how large a nest should be and how important it is to have the tiers at just the right height from the ground. You will also discover the proper regulation of incubators, and the reasons you need a hatcher. Don’t take chicken farming for granted. To be a success at raising chickens, you need to know the facts.

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