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How to trade in diamonds and precious stones by Peter MarilGems are the most precious stones and many people irrespective of geography, race and color have a fascination for it. The most common forms of gems are diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond. The gems like ruby, emerald and sapphire are even worn for astrological reasons which are suggested by some astrologers. The gems can be best purchased from the local producers.There are also many sites available on the Internet which provides information regarding the various gems and other important information about it. They not only help in providing brokerage services but also provide solutions for all kind of diamond stone and precious gems trading.The diamond and gems market in the world in concentrated at Antwerp in Belgium, Jaipur in India and Chanthaburi in Thailand. If you are a passionate lover of diamond then no doubt you shouldn’t loose this wonderful opportunity of visiting the diamond markets .The diamonds which are purchased from here are full guaranteed products. In India, the famous gems market is in Jaipur of Rajasthan state. Here you will find all colored gems are found like ruby, amethyst, emerald, sapphire and many more. Here the gems are sold at 80 to 90 % of the prices in a regular market. In Thailand, the stones can be purchased at 80 to 90 % off the market value as compared to the price that you can get in any other place. So, if you are on a trip to Thailand, it would not be a bad idea to get some diamonds for yourself. Here the most common stones are ruby, sapphire, spinel and blue zircon. In all practical sense these diamonds market are operated by traders and they buy and sell the diamonds on a large scale. These diamonds are taken from these markets and send to different parts of the globe. The diamond trading and brokering websites have rich information about various stones and where to get them from. So if you want to get a detailed report about the specific stones that you would like to purchase then you should go to these websites. When you go to the retail shops for buying the gems, make sure that you double check the gem before you buy it. No doubt big jewelry shops are reputed but the gem should always be accompanied by a certificate from the Geological Survey of that country. This will ensure that the gems are 100% genuine.The Internet has opened up a floodgate of information on everything under the sun and diamonds and gems have also been extensively covered. If you are interested in getting specific information about each stone such as chemical composition, color, crystal system or specific gravity you can get it at the click of the mouse. Trading of diamonds has also become much easier with people able to connect with each other easily. So if trading diamonds is in your mind you can simply visit the diamond trading centers or log into one of the many diamond trading sites such as Gemsbrokers.

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Diamonds: The Variety Of The Cut


Victor Epand

The engagement ring modern Western culture tends to be fairly standardized. A diamond, sometimes surrounded by other, smaller stones, set into a band of precious metal. However, the cut of the diamond or diamonds has a huge impact on the appearance and tone of the ring. Diamond styles include round, princess, radiant, emerald, oval, pear, asscher, flanders, heart, cushion, marquise, old miner and trillion cuttings. Each has certain defining characteristics, and each tends to rise and fall in popularity in accordance with the times.

The most common cut for a diamond today is the brilliant cut, which takes full advantage of the diamond’s potential sparkle. The numerous facets of the style and the conical shape of the stone maximize light return through the top of the diamond, enhancing the gem’s sparkle. This style of diamond cut was invented in Italy in the middle of the 17th century. A modern round brilliant cut diamond has 58 facets, 33 on the crown and 25 on the lower portion of the stone.

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Princess cut diamond engagement rings are quite popular at present. This shape accents the fire and sparkle of the stone rather than its luster. The diamond is square when viewed from above and pyramid-shaped when seen from the side. The square appearance makes the diamond fairly unique in appearance, a contributing factor to its popularity. Princess cut diamonds are a fairly recent advent, having been invented only in 1979.

Marquise diamonds are basically ovular in shape, but the ends are pointed. The legend is that the shape was inspired by the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour, a well-known courtesan and famous mistress of King Louis V. The long shape of the diamond is flattering to the hand, giving the illusion of added length.

Pear cut diamonds, sometimes called teardrop cut, are considered a fancy cut. The shape, when viewed from above, is similar to that of a pear, with a broad base that extends to a point. This style is most attractive on hands with small or average-length fingers. It is not commonly used for rings today, although it was more popular in bygone eras.

The emerald cut is a very dramatic style. It is so named because the shape was originally developed for the green gem rather than the diamond. Emerald cut diamonds are basically rectangular, featuring long, clean lines. They tend to be less fiery than brilliants or princess cuts, but they do produce broader, more dramatic flashes of light. Emerald cut diamonds lend a sophisticated, elegant air to an engagement ring.

Radiant cut diamonds combine the appearances of brilliant and emerald cuts. Such diamonds are generally rectangular in shape, but with rounded corners. The radiant diamond has 70 facets, ensuring a great deal of light and color refraction. The design requires that more weight be directed toward the diamond’s depth in order to maximize brilliance.

The cushion cut diamond is a relatively antique style, although it is currently enjoying a small resurgence. It is ovular in shape, but differs from an oval cut in the size of the facets. Cushion diamonds are not as fiery or brilliant as many of the newer styles, but it has a romantic and classic look that makes it stand out.

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Diamonds: The Variety Of The Cut


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