July 20, 2024
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What To Expect From A Family Dentist

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byAlma Abell

People of all ages require dental care and it is a family dentist in Findlay, OH that provides this care, this dentist can and does work with patients of all ages and offers a wide range of dental services from routine check-ups and cleaning to emergency care. A family dentist will have had a number of years in dental school and clinical training before he or she begin to establish a practice.

On a normal day a family dentist in Findlay, OH will see a number of patients, both existing and new. The dentist manages their dental health, giving patients oral examinations, regular cleanings and addressing specific dental issues that can be the beginning of a dental disease. There may be patients who have chronic problems, these patients will require closer monitoring and dental maintenance to ensure that their dental needs are met. There are situations that arise that are outside the scope of a family dentist and when this happens the dentist will provide the patient with a referral to a specialist care provider. As the family dentist is intimate with the dental history of the patient he or she will consult with the specialist provider, providing background on the patient.

In many cases the family dentist will also provide cosmetic dental services along with treating the normal oral health issues of the patients such as cavities and extractions. The same dentist will often fit braces but rarely would a family dentist undertake complex maxillofacial surgery. If the patient is being treated by a provider of special treatment the family dentist does not lose track of the patient, the family dentist still provides regular check-ups between visits to the specialist or providing care and management of patients who are on medications that are the cause of dry mouth.

A family dentist will see patients throughout their lives, from early childhood all the way through their senior years. A family dentist will have special equipment and training that allows handling of pediatric patients who require special care and attention as their mouths are in a constant state of development as they age. A family dentist is in the enviable position to be able to monitor the oral health of patients as they age, the dentist can monitor any situations that are of concern and provide the necessary care. As the family dentist gets to know the patients well it is easier to catch and correct problems before they get out of hand.

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