Friday, March 2, 2007

The following article contains photographs of women’s exposed breasts. Viewer discretion is advised.

Today the “boobs on bikes” parade was held in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The boobs on bikes parade happens in various centres around New Zealand and is designed to kick off, and promote the Erotica Expo.

This parade caught less national media attention before the parade than the Auckland one last year as, unlike Auckland, there was no protest done by the city councillors.

The Christchurch City Council released a press statement stating that they had “not approved or received an application to hold the proposed “Boobs on Bikes” parade on Friday, 2 March, from Erotica event organisers.”

The press release stated that the council must be consulted for any procession that will interfere with traffic, or may require crowd management. Erotica Festival organiser Steve Crowe has brushed this off, saying that it is a promotion, not a parade, and all rules of the road will be observed.

City council and organizers of the event say they have received numerous complaints about the parade, however it isn’t in the city’s jurisdiction to act, as female toplessness is not illegal.

Council transport and streets manager Michael Aitken told NZPA that the “standard of dress of participants is not a matter that the council can control.”

Police inspector Gary Knowles commented that it was a “moral not a criminal issue. We have taken legal advice and unless there is a breach of the peace, we cannot intervene.”

Wikinews reporter Gabriel Pollard was at the parade to catch the action.

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