Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yesterday, Wikinews spent time with with Australian Paralympic skier Victoria Pendergast who was in Copper Mountain, Colorado for this week’s IPC Nor-Am Cup.

((Wikinews)) I’m interviewing Victoria Pendergast who is an Australian female sit skier on the development team.

Victoria Pendergast: Yer, that’s right.

((Wikinews)) How have you been doing here [Copper Mountain] so far?

Victoria Pendergast: Yer, its been alright. Like some races not so good, other races I was pretty happy with the results. We’ve got Winter Park to look forward to, so bit of a warm-up, but, trying to get results.

((Wikinews)) Before this [skiing] the other sport you’ve done is athletics? You competed at that for the games or was that somebody else?

Victoria Pendergast: No, that was me. I did it for the school, did shot put and did swimming for a bit.

((Wikinews)) Why would someone switch from athletics to be a crazy mono skier?

Victoria Pendergast: It was a bit of a crazy sort of events kinda went here with my family and then one thing lead to another and like wanted to give sit skiing a go.

((Wikinews)) Australia doesn’t have many female sit skiers, are you shooting for Sochi?

Victoria Pendergast: It would be nice to get it. It’d be a bit hard to get points to get into it but, you know, if I can get the points to get into Sochi, I’ve got some […].

((Wikinews)) Cool. Thank you very much.

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