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Medical Reasons for Plastic Surgery Toronto


Dr. Daniel Martin

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is one of the most common Toronto plastic surgery carried out by Toronto plastic surgeon. Whenever you hear of the term breast Augmentation, you don’t need to start having the min d that you can only see that in Hollywood. Toronto plastic surgeons are experts in this plastic surgery.

Breast Augmentation is the approach taken in order to increase the size of a woman breast, in order to modify or alter the texture sand also to change the shape of the breast. This process is mostly done because of the increase in the rate of breast cancer and other congenital defect that affects the chest wall of the female sex.

The rate at which breast cancer has increased over the years has resulted in the simultaneous increase in the sale of breast implant. To restore the breast cancer survivor body contour, Toronto plastic surgeons carry out implants and also Toronto plastic surgery.

Most people think that breast augmentation carried out by Toronto plastic surgeon is just for restoring women with breast cancer which is not true, Breast Augmentation is also performed on women to help them treat and prevent back ailments that are cause as a result of the weight of the breast.

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Also Breast lift is one of the cores in Toronto plastic surgery and is done on women that have suffered weight loss or women that have suffered from loss of elasticity in their breast. Toronto plastic surgery is done as a result of weakened muscle tone, excess skin or weakened tissue.

Face Lift

This is another trending phenomenon that has been gaining popularity, Toronto plastic surgeon have attributed Face lift to the prevalence of taking and sending selfies. Toronto plastic surgery are leading when it comes to the use of modern techniques in tightening muscle and tissue in the face to provide a smoother and more contoured profile.

Facial cosmetic surgery

This is a plastic surgery that is done on men and women that have different ages. Rhinoplasty or nose jobs are the major or common procedures that can be used in correcting breathing difficulties or Sleep Apnea that may be caused by obstructions in the nose or abnormalities of the nasal tract.

Toronto Plastic surgeons also perform skin cancer removal on the face area by using the reconstructive expertise which reduces the damage and simultaneously repair the surface of the skin.

Cleft lift and palate repair is another Toronto plastic surgery that Toronto plastic surgeons do. The Toronto plastic surgeons help in treating malfunctions that impairs the ability of the patient to eat and communicate well. That is why reconstruction of the face needs to be done.

Other reconstructive procedures

Another vast area of Toronto plastic surgery is reconstruction on Trauma patients. Medical necessities for patients that have suffered from Trauma include rebuilding the bone structure and repairing the surface of the skin. Burn victims are also seen by Toronto reconstructive plastic surgeon.

You may be bothered on how you will cover the bill for the Plastic surgery, that is why the need for insurance to cover the medical needs. If the reason for the plastic surgery by the Toronto plastic surgeon is not elective (due to medical issues) then the insurance company will need to place this procedure in a different category.

Sometimes the Toronto plastic surgeons are also able to work with insurance companies to explain the needs for the procedure which is the reason why the insurance company pick up part of the bill.

I am sure at this point you will understand the medical reasons for plastic surgery.

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