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Sunday, February 11th, 2018 | Author:

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By Jeff Rhode

The JRod Store is a supplier of custom made DSLR (digital single lens reflex) and compact video camera accessory mounts. The function of these high quality mounts is to allow multiple devices to be mounted on the cameras, with the goal of keeping the camera as small and light as possible. Some accessories that can be added are microphones, wireless receivers, audio recorders,video lights, and field monitors. At

there is also a selection of products to compliment the custom mounts, such as audio cables, recorders, camera bags, and other mounting alternatives and adapters to solve difficult shooting situations. There are three custom mounts on the site: 1.The J-Cube, made to mount on a “hot shoe” and give 3 mounting points. 2.The SSTM which replaces the mic clamp on a Sony EX1 and EX3 camera with a much stronger and versatile mount. 3. The Original J-Rod Twin, which mounts in the microphone clamp on any video camera, and gives the videographer 2 mounting points for a mic and a radio receiver. All of The J-Rod mounts are made of anodized aluminum that is strong and light.???Site Owner Jeff Rhode describes the newest mounting solution from The JRod Store, The J-Cube: I have a brand new bracket called The J-Rod CUBE which will allow a microphone and a radio receiver to be mounted on your camera and leave a shoe open for an audio recorder, light, flash, hard disc, or extra receiver. I am really excited about this mount, and think is a great solution for a mounting problem that many people have. This is an awesome solution for HDSLR cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II, 1D MkIV, 7D, Rebel T1i, Rebel XSi, Nikon D300, D3S, or D90. Additionally if you have a video camera such as the Canon GL1, GL2, or the Sony FX1 or VX2100 that has a shoe mount, but no mic clamp, this is for you!??

Please visit The Jrod Store at

Check out the reviews :

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Last year when I was looking for a wireless mount solution for my pair of Sennheiser G2s I came across and reviewed the J-Rod. Since then, the J-Rod has proven handy on countless occasions. Anything that required a wireless mount plus onboard camera light called for the J-Rod which was pretty much every wedding and corporate gig I’ve done. Fast forward to now, Jeff has created another mounting solution called the J-Rod Cube. For simplicity sake, I’m just going to call it the J-Cube (why didn’t you call it this?). The J-Cube improves upon the J-Rod in a number of ways. Firstly it doesn’t require a microphone mount to function so it can work on anything with a hotshoe holder. This is particularly handy for the new breed of DSLR video cameras out there that despite the awesome images they create, record pretty crap onboard sound. The J-Cube allows you to mount a Zoom H4n or similar recording device to your camera plus a couple of wireless mic packs that would turn any DSLR into a production ready tool. I don’t own a Zoom yet but I’ve mounted a couple of G2’s plus an on-camera light to my 7D to show you how much stuff you can add to your camera.

The J-Rod is used by video journalists at Raycom Media, NBC Universal, CNN, The Star-Ledger, The Dallas Morning News, The Washington Post, Detroit Free Press, WTKR News (Norfalk, VA) and film crews in over 30 countries.

Organizations we are proud sponsor of:

New York Press Photographers Association

National Press Photographers Association

Multimedia Shooter by Richard Hernandez

Cinema 5D

Texas Photo Forum

La Ignorancia Video Dance Workshops

There are 2 very important charites that both deal with the plight of children. Please check out The Heart Gallery and Do1Thing to homeless teens and foster children. Site owner Jeff Rhode worked as Director of Production on The Heart Gallery and Videographer on Do1Thing.

About the Author: I am site owner and inventor Jeff Rhode. 5 years ago I invented my first accessory mount under the name The J-Rod. In the years that followed I invented 3 more mounts for DSLR and video cameras, including The J-Cube and EX Mount. Please check them out at



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Thursday, December 07th, 2017 | Author:

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By Jeanette Joy Fisher

Your credit report gets viewed by other people besides credit grantors. Potential employers and insurance companies can deny you employment, auto and home owner’s insurance based on your credit report. Understand your rights protected by The Fair Credit Reporting Act.

No matter what many credit counseling scam artists may try to tell you, no one can legally remove any information that is up-to-date and accurate from your credit report. They can’t do it, and you can’t do it yourself. However, you CAN request an investigation of anything you find in your credit file that you believe to be either incomplete or inaccurate. That is perfectly legal, and can be done at NO cost to you. In fact, anything that a credit repair company offers to do for you can be done yourself, generally free or for a nominal fee.

In fact, there’s a law that guarantees it. It’s called the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Under provisions of the FCRA, you are entitled to receive a free credit report if a company denies your application for credit, employment, or insurance. You must ask for the report within sixty days of the refusal, and the company must tell you which credit reporting company they used, and provide you with their address and phone number. (The three nationwide companies most often used are Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.)

The FCRA has made it mandatory for consumer credit reporting companies to correct information that’s incorrect or inaccurate. To correct inaccuracies, you must first contact the reporting company, in writing, telling them which information is incorrect or incomplete. In your correspondence, include copies of documents that will verify your claim. (Don’t send originals!) Clearly detail why each piece of disputed information is incorrect, and then ask that the inaccurate information be either corrected or removed from your file completely. It’s generally worthwhile to include a copy of the credit report itself, with each disputed item circled.

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Once you’ve put your package together, send it to the company in question by certified mail, indicating “return receipt requested.” That will allow you to be certain that the company received your package. Also keep copies of everything for yourself, of course!

The FCRA makes it mandatory that the reporting company investigate each item you have disputed, often within thirty days, unless they consider your dispute to be unworthy of researching further. By law, they must also forward everything you have provided them on to whatever company or organization initially provided the disputed information in the first place. That provider must then review and investigate the situation and report back to the reporting company. If the provider has mistakenly provided inaccurate information, they must correct it with all three major reporting companies.

Once the investigation has been completed, the FCRA mandates that the reporting company must provide you with the results, in writing, and a free copy of the report if the investigation resulted in a change in your credit report information. You may also request that a copy of the amended credit report be sent to anyone who may have received the disputed report during the previous six months. If the report was given to potential employers, you have a right to request that a corrected report be sent to any employer who may have received the inaccurate report during the past two years.

Copyright Jeanette J. Fisher

About the Author:

Jeanette Fisher

teaches six ways to build credit.

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