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Handi Quilters are one of the most popular sewing machines specially designed for quilting. They are a must have for any quilter and have been in production for over a retail outlets. Maybe you already have one or know someone who does.

These machines are put together on an aluminum frame with a sandwich mechanism held together by two brackets. The brackets can be opened to allow you to insert your quilt you will be sewing, and then loosened again to remove it. The whole thing itself sits on a dual-carriage frame that will let you roll the Handi Quilter around in multiple directions.

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However, using it isn’t easy. It could take years of practice and hard work to get it right. You will need to pay attention when working it and take your time to learn by following the tips below. Only then will you get the most out of your Handi Quilter – whether you bought your Handi Quilter Avante in Portland ORor somewhere else.

Tip 1: Use the right speed

The first thing to remember is to not be too quick with the stitching. The frame simply glides on its rollers and can be manipulated in all directions, leading you to feel more inclined to make big unappealing stitches. How big your stitches are depends on how quick you move the quilt so be gentle and slow for short tight stitches.

It might take you some practice to get the feel of the machine but it’s worth learning. You won’t be able to use it properly until you do and speed is the most important element of mastering the Handi Quilter. If you picked up your Handi Quilter Avante in Portland OR, speed will still be of the essence.

Tip 2: Be gentle

You should try to be gentle with how you use the Handi Quilter and it will give you a lifetime of good service. Being rough with the Handi Quilter could cause the needle to break repeatedly. Be gentle, however, and you’ll hardly ever have to replace the needle.

Many people end up being rough with the Handi Quilter because it can be cumbersome and difficult to use. That’s because, despite its portability, it’s bulky and heavy. One trick you can use to make it easier is to attach to the carriage on top a wire coat hanger which has been bent. This will act like a pen and as you “draw” the pattern on the quilt with the hanger, it will move it around in the same way and sew the pattern on the quilt. This will virtually eliminate having to use both hands all the time to use the Handi Quilter.

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byAlma Abell

Whenever homeowners needed to free up space in their homes, they often found it difficult to sell or give away the items they loved. Even seemingly worthless items held sentimental value and they could not bring themselves to let the items go. To fix this situation, many of these homeowners considered contacting a self-storage company. With the services offered by such companies simple to use and enjoy, these homeowners found that they could free up space in their homes without losing the belongings they considered so important.

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The biggest reason homeowners contacted a self-storage company in Caldwell, ID was to clear out room in their homes. Some homeowners had filled up old bedrooms with various items only to have their children return home after college. To make room, they shipped the items off to storage units rented from such companies as Republic Storage. By doing so, their children regained the rooms they once had and the homeowners did not have to sell their belongings.


For an extremely low price each month, homeowners could count on a self-storage company to keep their belongings safe. Located inside a heavily protected location surrounded by strong fencing and equipped with other security measures, the storage units available offered peace of mind as a benefit of their use. In addition, security roller doors deterred potential burglars and kept the belongings inside the storage units safe during all hours of the day and night. For this reason alone, homeowners enjoyed the option. For pennies a day, they never had to worry about someone making off with their pricey possessions.


Due to their secure nature, storage units allowed homeowners to store important belongings. Such belongings might include jewelry, cars, antique furniture, and more. To get the right help and protect items that you fear might be stolen, a storage unit may be your best option.