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By Heather Mitchell

Well-placed mirrors in the interior of the house create an illusion of extra space that seems to expand the otherwise small room. The general view inside the room is also altered by allowing the dcor to play with light that will certainly reflect the personality of the homeowner or the building inhabitant in general. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes with various framing designs. Round mirrors, in particular, are very interesting because these fixtures lack the sharp corners that are otherwise found in rectangular mirrors. Without the sharp edges, these round mirrors are ideal as center decorations on empty walls.

Full-length round mirrors

Round mirrors with an elongated full-length design are commonly preferred by individuals who are conscious with the latest clothing fashion. This type of fixture provides a better perspective of the whole reflection. Aside from its practical use, a full-length round mirror can easily add life to a boring corner of the room. Most of the fixtures of this type are easily mobilized as these are equipped with stands. One can easily take advantage of this mobility whenever redecorations have to be implemented inside a room.

Placing a full-length round mirror that extends across the full length of the dining table provides a great centerpiece look. Individuals who love the touch of luxury favor this decorating idea very well. Glassware and shiny utensils look perfect on this glass-decorated dining table. In using this kind of decoration, edges of the mirror must be secured and sealed so as to prevent spilt liquids from sipping below the mirror surface. Placing a transparent covering above the surface of the mirror secures this fixture.

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Strategic location for hanging round mirrors

A general rule in placing mirrors is to place them in an area of the wall so that it reflects the best view of the interior. This placement strategy would further mean that beautifully decorated area of the house does not necessarily require this fixture. Instead, mirrors are better placed in front of this beautifully decorated area. With a round frame, this fixture creates a feeling of boundlessness of the well-decorated area.

Large or small round mirrors

Full-length round mirrors need to be large to serve its purpose. On the other hand, small round mirrors are ideal for use in smaller rooms. A giant round mirror placed inside a small room is just inappropriate as visitors would easily notice the aimless effort of forcing extra space inside a room. To effectively expand the view, several small mirrors are preferred over a single large round mirror.

Choosing the right frame for a round mirror

Frames can be thick or thin depending upon the surrounding design of the interior. For a minimalist perspective, thin frames are recommended. As a general rule of thumb, a frame with a thickness measuring a quarter of an inch is recommended for every foot of the diameter.

Well-decorated round mirrors are very elegant fixtures that create an illusion of depth inside a room. Reflecting the beautiful area of the house magnifies the overall beauty of the interior design.

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Understanding Diarrhoea And Your Colitis Symptoms


Michael Tasker

Of all the colitis symptoms that appear, diarrhoea is of course the most readily recognisable yet there is often misunderstanding, particularly by those newly diagnosed of what they are about to face in terms of how such a symptom can and will dictate their life when a relapse happens or even when in remission.

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Whilst in remission, diarrhoea mixed with blood can occasionally appear though this does not necessarily suggest that a relapse is imminent. When a relapse unfortunatley occurs, the days and nights will include numerous trips to the toilet whereby it can become the main focus of your attention. The sole focus should be on ensuring that the number of trips is not exacerbated by unintentionally provoking the bowel into increased activity. You will have to appreciate that the severity of this diarrhoea will not be like anything that you may have experienced before by way of dealing with a stomach bug. When colitis is involved, the passing of diarrhoea will occur often, there will be pain and there will most likely be blood. A stomach bug this is not. When there is active inflammation, blood will appear with the diarrhoea. In fact, it can often be the case that when the bowel is emptied, blood is the only thing that makes an appearance. This of course can be rather distressing yet the amount of blood that is passed is often much less than first imagined. It is accepted that the larger the area of the colon that is subject to inflammation, the greater the incidence of blood appearing. In addition, there can often be experienced the passing of mucus when the bowel is opened. This is again quite normal and it is in fact the naturally occurring mucus within the colon that is normally absorbed into the faeces. As you will be eating less, there will of course be less waste to pass and hence less matter for the mucus to be absorbed into. The important point to realise is that with all this liquid being ejected by the bowel, it requires to be replenished by way of ensuring that sufficient water is consumed to maintain adequate hydration levels of the body. It is all too easy to become dehydrated when suffering from colitis due to the amount of times that you have to go to the toilet. A person diagnosed with colitis must appreciate how serious this can be and what affect it will have on their daily lives when an attack occurs. The consequences of such are the realisation that a lot of time will be spent in the toilet, recovering from going to the toilet and preparing for the next visit. There are methods to ensure that a sufferer is not antagonising the inflammation during a relapse which can result in an immediate requirement to go to the toilet. By careful colitis management, the number of toilet visits can be brought under some control which can be the key to coping with this very difficult colitis symptom.

Here is your opportunity to source the real life practical answers to make your daily colitis experience easier by discovering revelations from someone who has actually experienced it. Colitis can be a battle. Are you should do everything to defend yourself effectively? The real everyday answers to everyday colitis problems. By a survivor. Can your doctor provide that?

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Painting Formica Countertops


Christopher M. Auberidge

There are several different painting methods used for transforming old looking plastic laminate tops into new creations. Formica countertops, when resurfaced correctly, can last for a long time. In this article, we will be reviewing a few of the products that are available over the counter, which are specifically designed for remodeling this type of material. I will also provide the necessary steps for resurfacing tops using oil based paints that are then sealed with a urethane top coat.

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Rust-Oleum This paint brand company has developed a one-coat application countertop paint that can be applied with a roller and small brush. The preparation process is rather easy. All you will need to do is wash the tops with soap and water, then lightly sand them. Next, apply masking tape to protect the walls and cabinetry. Then, roll and brush one coat of the Rust-Oleum paint on the counters and allow it to dry for three-to-four days. Once dry, the surface will have a satin-gloss finish. It is not necessary to apply a coat of primer prior to applying the Rustoleum. The product has sixteen different color tinting options to choose from. The special coating is made with HomeShield Antimicrobial Protection, which is designed to reduce the chance of mold or mildew growth. Giani Granite The Giani company has developed a system for changing the coloration of many different countertop surface types to look like Granite. The kit comes with everything that is needed to transform laminate, Formica, Corian or wood countertops into beautiful shinny-cut simulated Italian Granite. They call this a paint by number system that begins with applying the primer, then three colors of paint are dabbed on with a sponge and finally the top-coat sealers are applied. The rollers, foam brushes and sponge applicators are all included in each kit. The selections of kit patterns are named Roma Red, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Chocolate Brown, Bombay Black and Sicilian Sand. It will take about four days to complete painting a kitchen or bathroom vanity Formica countertop. Oil Based Paints I actually gleaned this information form an article that I read on Tim Carter’s-Ask The Builder website. If you would like to paint your Formica laminate countertops a custom color of your choice, this is the system to use. First you will clean the tops using a mild soap solution; I like to use liquid Dawn dish-washing detergent for this step. Then, lightly sand all surfaces that will be painted and vacuum the dust off of the counters. Apply one coat of the oil-based primer, two coats of the finish color oil base paint and then four applications of clear floor urethane finish. Follow the manufacture’s suggestions for drying times between coats. Prior to starting this type of resurfacing project, it is important to be absolutely certain that you want to do this. Once you begin the painting process there is no way of returning to the original Formica countertop color. Rush Jobs are Not Allowed You will need to set aside sufficient time to complete the project in a professional manner. I would plan on spending no less than four to five days remodeling your tops. This will allow the primer coats, finish paints and final sealers sufficient time to cure. After the job is complete, you should not clean the surface of the painted Formica laminate countetops with any type of cleanser for about two weeks.

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Painting Formica Countertops

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Advantageous Compositions on Getting to Know the Paramount Cheap even Comfortable Inns in San Diego


Florence Bulkeley

Four Seasons Aviara

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Want to experience one of the best resorts San Diego, California has to offer?Check out Four Seasons Aviara, you sure will love it!Four Seasons Aviara offers a wide array of outstanding services and set of facilities that will make your stay worthwhile!This includes free access to in-room wireless internet, babysitting and child care services for those parents who are bringing kids with them in their trip, as well as a business center for those on business travel. There are so many things to do in Four Seasons Aviara that will sure keep you entertained. Examples of things you can do while you’re in Four Seasons Aviara include playing tennis, jogging, swimming in their outdoor pool, dipping in a hot tub, playing golf, or visiting the hotel’s health club and spa. Experience fine living in San Diego with Four Seasons Aviara! Westgate Hotel San Diego has a lot of great places to offer to tourists who want to spend their vacation here. It has a number of white sandy beaches where they can hang out and get a nice tan, interesting historical places tourists can explore and other places where they can go shopping and dining. Each room is equipped with an iPod clock radio and docking station, a wireless Internet access guests can access anytime they want, 32-inch colored television that comes with a DVD player, a hairdryer, and ironing amenities. It also has a great set of services to offer like housekeeping services twice a day, an evening turndown service, a complimentary fitness center for the physically active guests, a complimentary overnight shoeshine and morning newspaper each day. The Westgate Hotel is handicap friendly, as it has 7 available rooms that follow the code of ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act. The said rooms have installed grab bars both in the shower and tub, hand held shower heads and shower benches. San Diego Hotel in Focus: Sheraton Hotel and Marina Reservations One of the best affordable hotels in San Diego, California is Sheraton Hotel and Marina Reservations. It is strategically located directly over the bay allowing guests to enjoy amazing views. It stands close to a lot of popular destinations in the city like the Balboa Park, one of the most famous tourist destinations in San Diego, Old Town which is a great historical place to visit and the San Diego Zoo for the kids and kids at heart to enjoy!It offers room rates as low as $100 a night!Relative to other affordable San Diego hotels, Sheraton Hotel and Marina Reservations offer facilities offered by high class luxury hotels, at a cheaper cost!Guests may take advantage of its three swimming pools, a fitness center for all physically active guests, a spa, a couple of restaurants and many more!If you are the adventurous type, you can take advantage of Sheraton Hotel and Marina Reservations’ sailing and jogging trails within the hotel’s vicinity. Hard Rock San Diego Hotel Downtown Hard Rock San Diego Hotel Downtown is a great place to stay in while you are in San Diego for a vacation. It has various accommodation packages to offer that will let you save a good amount. First on the list is the Rock ‘N’ Romance Valentine’s Package which starts at only $232 a night, already inclusive of a playful dessert amenity, dinner reservations, in-room movie and VIP priority access to hotspots Float and 207. If you will be coming to San Diego in winter, you may opt to avail its Wintervention Package which will include 2 VIP passes to Hard Rock Hotel San Diego’s Wintervention. If you are more into self-pampering, the hotel has a Twist of Spa Package to offer. This particular package offer is sure worth every penny because it already combines accommodations and any of your own choice of spa treatment at its Rock Spa. Also included in its list of offered packages are the Toast and Jam Session Package, Stay and Drive Package and the Hard Rock and A Hog.

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By Ellie Lewis

Most of us these days do not feel safe in our own places. Houses are really easy to get into for those that are intent on getting in so this makes most of us a little nervous to say the least. In fact, there is now a whole raft of home security systems on the market which really are meant to give us peace of mind when we are away from the place or in bed for the night. Wireless home security systems will also suffice so it is up to the householder what they want from this equipment.

To start off the process of getting the house protected, it may be a good idea to get a professional in to look at where the vulnerable points are. We all know that doors and windows are where burglars favor most but there are other, less obvious places which will attract them when they are on the lookout. For example, those doors cut out of the backdoor for pets to go through are often overlooked but a good burglar may be able to reach the lock on the door and let himself in. Obviously if it is a large opening, they may well be able to squeeze through too. The problem is that we are so used to seeing it there that we often do not realize that it is dangerous. This is what the experts do when they come to look at the place. Open garages also allow people to get in unwatched through the side door and people often run off to the mall without giving this a second thought. However, as with hidden backyards and gardens overhung with dense bushes, just about anyone could be hiding there when we get to the house at night so it would be better to make this area as public as possible.

There are several different varieties of alarms which can be used within to alert those inside that they have intruders. Window locks which make noise when they are opened, or motion detectors send out a high pitched whistle or alarm if anything moves while people are sleeping are all meant to scare off the intruder and alert the householder too. But this should not give people a false sense of security since some burglars will not be deterred even if there is noise.

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Those set ups which alert the police when there is a presence in the house are probably the best if the householder is determined to be as safe as possible but, naturally, these cost more than alarms will.

Lastly, those who hear or suspect anything is wrong at their house must always call the police. Even calling a neighbor may be enough to alert the neighborhood that someone is in the vicinity that should not be. Setting up a neighborhood watch group is also a good idea and will bring back a sense of community that is sadly lacking in a lot of places these days. Anything that keeps people safe is a good idea.

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Bathroom vanities used in bathroom for eye-catching looking



Bathroom vanities are comfortable for your luxurious bathroom in the home. Bathroom is the place where people spend at least half an hour in every day. One could even say that it is the best place where people live their life so peacefully and happily. At your bathroom if you have very attractive and comfortable bathroom vanities then you are enjoy half an hour in whole day. Bathroom vanities come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles.

When you are purchase some bathroom vanities

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It is very important that you select the proper discount for the bathroom vanity. You will be spending a considerable amount of money in the sink, tubs or showers, ceramic tile, lighting, and other bathroom accessories. This is not when you want to try to save some money on the color of the knobs, cabinet pulls. If you have a realistic budget and a clear design concept then one way to buy discount bathroom vanities the least expensive way is to buy them from demolition a company, or from a company warehouse that specializes in used bathroom supplies for the office and home.

Bathroom vanities also offer the opportunity to reinvent your bathroom from top to bottom. There are a multitude of bathroom vanities for sale on today’s market. You need only visit your local home improvement store to find the style that best suits your taste. The Charlton Vanity is the focal point of any modern bathroom. This contemporary vanity has beautiful oak wood cabinets with an Espresso finish, and is a pillar of modern bathroom design.

Our Bathroom vanities are a great way to get a fresh look for your bathroom without spending a lot of money to do so. If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom and are looking for discount bathroom vanities then check out our modern Bathroom’s wide selection of affordable and stylish bathroom vanities. Our Modern bathroom vanities are known for their unique and attractive styles making it easy to express yourself.

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