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Sunday, January 07th, 2018 | Author:

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By Ellie Lewis

Most of us these days do not feel safe in our own places. Houses are really easy to get into for those that are intent on getting in so this makes most of us a little nervous to say the least. In fact, there is now a whole raft of home security systems on the market which really are meant to give us peace of mind when we are away from the place or in bed for the night. Wireless home security systems will also suffice so it is up to the householder what they want from this equipment.

To start off the process of getting the house protected, it may be a good idea to get a professional in to look at where the vulnerable points are. We all know that doors and windows are where burglars favor most but there are other, less obvious places which will attract them when they are on the lookout. For example, those doors cut out of the backdoor for pets to go through are often overlooked but a good burglar may be able to reach the lock on the door and let himself in. Obviously if it is a large opening, they may well be able to squeeze through too. The problem is that we are so used to seeing it there that we often do not realize that it is dangerous. This is what the experts do when they come to look at the place. Open garages also allow people to get in unwatched through the side door and people often run off to the mall without giving this a second thought. However, as with hidden backyards and gardens overhung with dense bushes, just about anyone could be hiding there when we get to the house at night so it would be better to make this area as public as possible.

There are several different varieties of alarms which can be used within to alert those inside that they have intruders. Window locks which make noise when they are opened, or motion detectors send out a high pitched whistle or alarm if anything moves while people are sleeping are all meant to scare off the intruder and alert the householder too. But this should not give people a false sense of security since some burglars will not be deterred even if there is noise.

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Those set ups which alert the police when there is a presence in the house are probably the best if the householder is determined to be as safe as possible but, naturally, these cost more than alarms will.

Lastly, those who hear or suspect anything is wrong at their house must always call the police. Even calling a neighbor may be enough to alert the neighborhood that someone is in the vicinity that should not be. Setting up a neighborhood watch group is also a good idea and will bring back a sense of community that is sadly lacking in a lot of places these days. Anything that keeps people safe is a good idea.

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