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This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.

Monday, October 30, 2006

On November 13, Torontonians will be heading to the polls to vote for their ward’s councillor and for mayor. Among Toronto’s ridings is Etobicoke—Lakeshore (Ward 5). Two candidates responded to Wikinews’ requests for an interview. This ward’s candidates include John Chiappetta, Joseph Mignone, Peter Milczyn (incumbent), Arthur Roszak, and Bojidar Tchernev.

Interviewed are newcomer Joseph Mignone, and incumbent Peter Milczyn. Click on either of their names to read their responses.

For more information on the election, read Toronto municipal election, 2006.

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Monday, May 8, 2006

Last week’s announcement that most soda manufacturers will stop selling their sugary products in U.S. schools did not mention that avoiding lawsuits was part of the motivation for the self-imposed ban. Some of those who threatened legal action to stop the soda sales are patting themselves on the back over the agreement, while lamenting that the deal did not go far enough, and now plan to press for more restrictions.

“Though there is room for improvement — sugary “sports” drinks still will be sold in schools, for instance — this voluntary agreement is certainly good enough that CSPI will drop its planned lawsuit against Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Cadbury-Schweppes and their bottlers,” said Michael F. Jacobson, the executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest . “I hope this settlement contributes to the momentum that is building in Congress for legislation that would require USDA to update its standards for foods sold outside of school meals. That would enable USDA to eliminate the sale of candy, cookies, French fries, potato chips, and other snack foods, as well as sports drinks, that are standard fare in school vending machines and stores.”

In the wake of the announcement of the agreement by the three largest soft drink companies, their bottlers and the public health advocacy group, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Jacobson thanked his team of litigators for “negotiating effectively with the soft-drink industry over the past six months, and for demonstrating that the judicial system can play an important role in spurring public health advances.”

Richard Daynard, a law professor and president of the Public Health Advocacy Institute, which threatened the soft-drink industry with lawsuits, said in an institute press release, “The industry agreement with the Clinton Foundation and American Heart Association comes after sustained pressure from potential litigation and negotiations with public health groups and their lawyers. It is a credit to the role of litigation and the legal system as a component of effective public health strategy.”

“This agreement demonstrates the potential of public health litigation to help control the obesity epidemic,” he said.

In an email exchange with the James Logan Courier, Margo Wootan, director of Nutrition Policy for the Center for Science in the Public interest, said, “Last week’s announcement that soft drink companies will pull all sugary sodas from schools is great step toward improving school foods. This agreement is the culmination of the tremendous national momentum on improving school foods — from the local policies (in LA, NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, DC, etc.), state bills (in 2005, 200 bills were introduced in 40 states to get soda and junk foods out of schools), the strong bipartisan bill pending in the U.S. Congress, and threats of litigation against soda companies.”

“While today’s agreement is a huge step forward, it is by no means the last step” wrote Wootan, ” We still have a lot of work to do to improve school foods.”

The agreement, announced Wednesday morning by the William J. Clinton Foundation, means that the nation’s biggest beverage distributors, and the American Beverage Association, will pull their soda products from vending machines and cafeterias in schools serving about 35 million students, according to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a joint initiative between the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association.

Under the agreement, high schools will still be able to purchase drinks such as diet and unsweetened teas, diet sodas, sports drinks, flavored water, seltzer and low-calorie sports drinks for resale to students.

The companies plan to stop soda sales at 75 percent of the nation’s public schools by the 2008-2009 school year, and at all schools in the following school year. The speed of the changes will depend in part on school districts’ willingness to change their contracts with the beverage distributors.

Some food activists criticized the deal for not going far enough and undermining efforts to go further.

Michele Simon, the director of the Center for Informed Food Choices, based in Oakland, Ca., called the deal “bogus” and a “PR stunt” by “Big Cola” in an effort to “sugar coat it’s image.”

“This announcement could potentially undermine ongoing grassroots efforts, state legislation, and other enforceable policies,” wrote Simon in an article at,” For example, in Massachusetts where a stronger bill is pending, a local advocate is worried about the adverse impact, since legislators could easily think that Clinton has taken care of the problem and ignore the bill. What was already an uphill battle—getting schools and legislatures to take this problem seriously—was just made worse, not better, by this bogus agreement.

“Even from a health standpoint, the deal is hardly impressive. Diet soda full of artificial sweeteners, sports drinks high in sugar, and other empty-calorie beverages with zero nutritional value are still allowed in high schools,” Simon wrote, “Also, parents concerned about soda advertising in schools will not be pleased with the agreement. Not a word is mentioned about the ubiquitous marketing children are subjected to daily in the form of branded score boards, school supplies, sports bags, and cups (just to name a few), which is required by exclusive Coke and Pepsi contracts. “

She’s not the only one criticizing the deal.“ While the initial details are promising, PHAI is concerned about some aspects of the agreement as it is being reported,” Daynard said in the press release. “The continual sale of “sports drinks” is a cause for concern. While they have a role for marathon runners and others engaged in sustained strenuous sports, for most students “sports drinks” are just another form of sugar water. Furthermore, the change in beverages offered must be carefully monitored and cannot depend entirely on the schools’ willingness and ability to alter existing contracts. Soda companies have spent decades pushing these unhealthy drinks on children and should bear the responsibility for their removal. PHAI is also concerned about the enforcement of this agreement and its silence on industry marketing activities in the school system,” he said.

“Importantly, the agreement doesn’t address the sale of chips, candy, snack cakes, ice cream, or any of the other high-fat, high-calorie, high-salt foods that are sold widely in schools,” said Wootan of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, “This is a voluntary agreement and is not enforceable, we need Senator Harkin’s school foods bill to lock in the beverage standards and give them the force of law.”

Even the diet drinks, which will still be offered, need to go, said Ross Getman, an attorney in Syracuse, NY. Getman has advocated that soda should not be sold in public schools and that long-term “pouring rights” agreements, which give a company exclusive access to sell their brands at a school, are illegal for a variety of reasons.

Getman, who contends that some diet sodas are contaminated with benzene, a cancer-causing chemical, said the soda “industry gets an “F” for incomplete” for “the industry’s failure to pull all soda from school and to recall products.”

Schools account for about $700 million in U.S. soft-drink sales, less than 1 percent total revenue for Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Cadbury, the nation’s largest soda companies.

Ten of the largest U.S. school districts have already removed soft drinks from vending machines, according to Getman. States including California, Maine and Connecticut have also banned sugary sodas in schools.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Leaked diplomatic cables between Australia and the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, have raised controversy in the Australian community. The documents were released by the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks. The cables between the then prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, and the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, revealed that China may need to be forced to integrate into the international community. The secret documents also contained information of a conversation between Clinton and Rudd in Washington. In the interview, Rudd stated that China was “paranoid” about Taiwan and Tibet.

The sensitive documents may place a strain on diplomatic relations between Australia and China. Despite this, Kevin Rudd reassured the public that the “robust” relationship between Australia and China wouldn’t sustain any substantial damage to the relations between the two countries. At this stage, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has provided no further comment on the matter, other than to ensure that the relationship between China and Australia would allow opinions to be expressed without any threat to either side.

At the heart of the leaks is Australian founder, Julian Assange. Wikileaks have now released 821 of their promised 251,287 US diplomatic cables. The cables are being released on a stage-by-stage basis. Earlier this week, Assange was arrested on suspicion of rape in London under a Swedish arrest warrant placed on him from a court in Stockholm on November 18.

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Some Basic Knowledge


Ellie RomeReed

Im going to take the next few minutes to try and explain some very important things I have learned over the course of my transformation. This is the 10,000 foot overview and wont be very in depth, but it should give you a basic understanding for the terminology I use.

First, lets talk about God.

I was raised Catholic and still follow the commandments and most of the Churchs doctrine. That said, I have a hard time believing God is a white man withan Adams apple. I used a much more vulgar term with my mom and she agreed with my argument. She is way more Catholic than I am, and I respect her beliefs more than she even realizes.

A friend saw God once and asked Him why he looked like a Chinese King. God told her that he forms himself into a physical likeness that we will relate to.

As I speak, I will often interchange God with Source, Spirit, and The Universe (which is my personal favorite). God is an energy. The bible explains that we are made in Gods image and likeness essentially, we are all energy. There are some lovely articles about Quantum Physics and God out there, but like I promised, this is just an overview.

I may refer to Mother Earth at some point, but I will usually refer to God as He, because it feels natural to me.I want to keep everyone on the same page without offending people, which is why I feel the need to explain that they are all words for the same God.

Next, well discuss vibration.

Vibration is another interesting energy form that can be explained scientifically. Did you know that the energy from your heart emits about 20-30 feet from your body, but the energy from your brain only emits a few inches? With the heart near the center of our being, this explains why you can walk into a room and feel the energy.

If you walk into a room where the music is pumping, people are smiling and dancing, you immediately feel that vibration, even if youre having a bad day. On the flip side, you can walk into a room where too people were just fighting and you can feel the tension, even if youre having a great day.The word vibration is like a wavelength. You want to listen to Classical music, so you tune to that channel. You cant expect to hear rock music when youre tuned to the easy listening channel because theyre not on the same wavelength or vibration.

So how do you know what vibration youre at? Well, theres a book called Power Versus Force which talks all about the different wavelengths of vibrations, but Ill give you something simple. Think about when you fell in love; that giddy, excited feeling that gave you butterflies and might have stopped you from thinking anything else in that moment. That is high-vibration or high-vibe.

Now think of being sad or depressed, full of anxiety and worry. Thats low-vibration or low-vibe. A vibration can be changed, it just take a little conscious though and effort. Think of a time that you were filled with pure joy. The birth of a child, your wedding day, something that makes you smile even in the midst of tears. For me, its the day I helped my oldest son catch his first fist. I can feel bubbles in my chest and a smile immediately crosses my face just writing the words!

When youre in a high-vibration, you are able to attract things into your life that are good and pleasant. When youre in a low-vibration, you attract things that are sometimes considered bad luck into your life.

What is a Psychic Healer?

You probably saw my title and thought, What on earth is a Psychic Healer? No, Im not going to predict your future. Only you can do that by taking action today. Your roots create your fruits (thank you T. Harv Eker) so stop focusing on the outcome and focus on what created that outcome. But thats Law of Attraction and we will get into Universal Laws on another day.

Psychic is an adjective that means, Relating to the soul or mind. All of my work with mindset and purpose and finding your why resides in the soul, the mind, and your heart. I couldnt call myself a neurologist, although I am learning a bit of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help my clients. Psychic was the closest word in the English language that defines my work. And yes, I have a little bit of foresight too.Healer is a noun that means someone that alleviates a persons distress or anguish. By doing mindset work,

clearing blocks, and transforming your life, we are able to relieve your distress (di-STRESS) and anguish. Together.


Metaphysics is another term I will use, as I have learned most of my lessons through Metaphysics and through other books that gained their ideas from Metaphysical principles. The University of Sedona has a beautifully worded definition, which I am going to past here with a link so they get full credit.

Traditionally, the word Metaphysics comes to us from Ancient Greece, where it was a combination of two words Meta, meaning over and beyond and physics. Thus, the combination means over and beyond physics. In the definition found in most dictionaries, metaphysics is referred to as a branch of philosophy that deals with first cause and the nature of being. It is taught as a branch of philosophy in most academic universities under the label of Speculative Philosophy.

In todays world, however, the word metaphysics has become a description of many fields of interest. When one expresses an interest in metaphysics, that interest may be in any one or a combination of the following subjects:

Philosophy, Religion, Parapsychology, Mysticism, Yoga, ESP, Dreams, Jungian Psychology, Transpersonal and Theocentric Psychology, Astrology, Meditation, Self-Help Studies, Positive Thinking, Life After Death, Transcendentalism, Mysticism, ReincarnationThe common denominator of these and all similar subjects, of course, deals with an exploration of reality, and in the idealistic sense, how such knowledge may benefit human life on this earth, both individually and collectively.

The last point is intuition, ego, and the higher-mind.

How can you follow your heart if you dont trust your feelings? I will talk about following your heart and trusting your intuition A LOT, so this one is really important.

Have you ever met someone and had a really off feeling about them? Thats your intuition speaking up, trying to save you from danger.

Now the ego tries to pipe up and make you afraid, but thats a fear-based feeling that usually yells at you and makes you feel really awful.Intuition is in conjunction with your higher-mind and is usually gentle and loving.

This is best explained though a story: At the beginning of April, I went to Warrior Camp. Before camp, I was starting to feel like I shouldnt go. I didnt think the plane was going to crash, I just felt sleepy and my mind went into what-if mode. Then I started thinking about safety concerns while traveling there, because the ego couldnt get to me any other way. The whole time, I didnt have a gut feeling in my body, it was all in my head.So I asked a fellow psychic to feel into the situation for me. After sending the message, I thought of her telling

me not to go and felt really sad. That feeling was my intuition telling me the answer. I also spoke to a friend who had been and he told me that his ego makes him feel lethargic before hes about to attend something that will give him a huge breakthrough.

I went and had an amazing experience. I was able to separate my ego from my higher-mind and realize that I was just being lied to. Ego isnt a bad thing, it wants to keep up safe! But the ego comes from a place of fear, like the character in Inside Out. He went into what if mode and freaked out about everything. Will Smith said it the best, though: Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.

Ego thinks new things are dangerous. Ego knows that the routine of going to a 9-5 job day in and day out is safe. Ego doesnt understand that asking for a raise is a good thing, so it talks you out of it. Ego doesnt know that getting rid of past conditioning can make an even better life, so it questions if all of these energy and metaphysical ideas are real. You see how the ego works?

Im going to end this one with a little task: Go through your day and notice where youre getting gut feelings: gentle nudges or thoughts that help you. Then notice where your ego is stepping in and trying to scare you away from something. It usually comes in the form of fear or negative self-talk. It also feels really bad. If you can get a grip on where your intuition leads you and where your ego tries to protect you, you can completely transform your life. Just by noticing the trend!

About Ellie:Ellie is a Psychic Healer and Transformation Coach who helps clients shift their mindset, break through blocks, and find fulfillment and success beyond their wildest dreams!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

London, England — As Paralympians ready for the Games which are set to open later this week, they have access to a world class fitness center inside the Paralympic Village which is designed to maximise their pre-Game preparations.

According to volunteers staffing the center, instead of being a single large room, as in Beijing, the building has numerous rooms. It, along with the adjacent Village Services Centre, is designed to be converted into a school after the games conclude. Rooms have been structured as a gym, an auditorium, and science laboratories.

Gym equipment is supplied by Technogym, an Italian firm that has supplied gym equipment for the Olympics since 2000. Equipment has been provided not just for for the Fitness Centre, but for gyms at all the Olympic venues. The newest equipment is oriented toward maximum flexibility, allowing athletes to exercise the particular muscles that they most require for their sport.

In addition to the equipment, the Fitness Centre also provides instructors trained in the use of the equipment, the likes of which athletes from many countries have never seen before. There are also a number of instructors available to provide motivational training.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

A suspect in a hit-and-run located in San Francisco, California, was arrested after hitting four cyclists and, two days later, lying to the police. Over the course of six minutes, the 39-year-old man hit four people with his car and then ran off when his car crashed into another vehicle and hit a pole. The investigators tracked down the man’s address with the evidence found in the car; however, as he had moved, they were unable to find him.

The suspect later told the police at Albany Police Station that his car was stolen, and after the police identified that as a lie, he was arrested. The police believes that the victims were deliberately targeted, although the motive remains a mystery. The suspect is currently in hospital for medical and psychological testing.

“I was only a block from my house and I saw something coming at me, from the corner of my eye. I managed to swing out of the way and avoid the full brunt of an impact,” said one of the victims, Rory Madden. “It doesn’t make any sense that anybody would do that, so whatever he has to say is not going to make sense.” The other three men were hospitalized, two in serious condition and one in fair condition.

The attack left bicycles crumpled and some cars damaged, one severely, according to San Francisco police spokeswoman, Lyn Tomkioka. “We’re just really glad that he’s been arrested,” she said. Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition condemned the attack, stating that there are currently efforts to make San Francisco “one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country”.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Twelve people have died and twenty more were wounded following the collapse of a wall in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. At the time of the collapse Tuesday, the wall was supporting a shed under which residents were seeking shelter from heavy rain.

“I have been told that a shed of my bungalow collapsed where daily wagers gather every day seeking work,” said police superintendent OP Pal. He is away from his house in Ambikapur, where the incident occurred, taking leave in Uttar Pradesh. Chhattisgarh authorities have promised Rs100 thousand (US$2.22 thousand,£1.39 thousand) to compensate each death, and Rs25 thousand (US$555.18,£346.92) for those injured.

The shed was used as a bus shelter. The victims had been hoping to travel out of town.

Ambikapur mayor Prabodh Minj said the 10-foot (3.05-metre)-tall outer wall &nbdash; built for security &nbdash; had been unmaintained for years. However, he attributes the cause of its collapse to the rainfall.

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Bumper Sticker Mania


Allan Michael Taylor

Bumper stickers have been around almost as long as cars have it is a popular myth that bumper stickers adorned the very first car, the Model T Ford, except this is very wrong. The simple reason is that the Model-T didn’t have any bumpers for anything to stick to in the first instance!

Bumper stickers first had a stage with the appearance in 1927 with the Ford Model-A that car did have bumpers, but it took almost 10 years before anyone started thinking of slapping a sticker on them. Urban legend has it that a Kansas City entrepreneur named Forest Gill came up with the notion of a bumper sticker in 1934. Gill had formed a print shop operating from a basement and he was looking at ways to advertize his own business and drum up some innovative products for his business to offer clients.

Bumper stickers took off rapidly after they were introduced, with many of them being fixed to bumpers with wire in order not to spoil the chrome, but also because they were used widely as marketing tools. Milk and beer distributors used the wire bumper plates widely and interchanged them on their carts and delivery vehicles which only need the wire to be untwisted and refixed as needed. Nevertheless, Gill saw that adhesive stickers were a better proposition for distribution to members of the public because once the message was on there, that bumper sticker would usually broadcast the promotional message for the life of the car itself. He was right today, bumper stickers can command hundreds of thousands of dollars from serious collectors, however many of the stickers that command these kinds of prices are already attached to the car they were originally stuck on decades earlier!

YouTube Preview Image

Bumper sticker popularity quickly spread to Chicago where they were used extensively by local politicians seeking election. By the time of the Second World War, bumper stickers played a prominent role in distributing propaganda messages and especially in the drive for War Bond sales which were vital to the continuing war effort.

After the war, a golden age of consumerism flourished and this was the age of big cars with long bodies and submarine like fins. Advertisers and marketing men joined with politicians and interest groups across the country in using bumper stickers in what was a very early example of social media campaigns going viral.

The Sixties were a time of upheaval in the country and a lot of creative souls wanted to express themselves, even those who outwardly conformed with suits and jobs instead of long hair and free love. As opinions and the country became increasingly polarized, expressing your own opinion became even more popular and the voices became more strident on subject matter ranging from the Vietnam War (Make Love Not War), religion, milk, music, love, society and sex (Honk if You’re Horny).

Today, it is impossible to hit the road without seeing a plethora of bumper stickers. All have a message and many have deep rooted meaning too, but for the most part there is nothing better for commuters or those on a long road trip, than a funny bumper sticker which brings a wry smile and sometimes simple laughter.

By Mark Trumper, President of, the Internet’s leading provider of custom labels, stickers and decals. From

bumper stickers

, to window decals. Also visit

Easy Order Bumper Stickers


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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The upcoming 2006 Brampton municipal election, to be held November 13, features an array of candidates looking to represent their wards in city council or the council of the Peel Region.

Wikinews contributor Nick Moreau contacted many of the candidates, including Derek Begley, asking them to answer common questions sent in an email. This ward’s incumbent is John Sprovieri; also challenging Sprovieri is Sherdaljit Dhillon, Mahen Gupta, Satpaul Johal, Dalbir S. Kathuria, and Vahid Saadati-Khanshir.

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Friday, May 6, 2005

Romania’s National Authority for Tourism (ANT) announced that they would promote tourism in Romania through a new branding strategy, in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development. The director of ANT, Marius Critonescu, said that the branding exercise will be “a significant component of the Romania’s development as a new tourist destination of international level.” He also added that the development of an integrated brand for Romanian tourism will promote a more positive image for the country, thereby increasing the number of tourists and investors. In recent times, there has been quite a lot of investment in “national branding”, especially in the field of tourism, as most marketing experts believe that branding for a product or a country is theoretically the same thing, and that the same strategies and approach should be used for both.

Concerning the Romanian tourism rebranding, international tourism and marketing expert James MacGregor stated that, “We have to touch the hearts and souls of the contemporary tourists who no longer travel for a simple beach or ski track. They want to live a self-knowledge experience that is truly uplifting and will leave unforgettable memories. The brand must show them not what they will see or do as tourists but what they will feel when visiting Romania.”

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